Most pavement marking contractors do a bad job. Hate to say it, but that’s the hard truth. So many companies that do “pavement marking” or “line striping” are landscapers or asphalt guys that just want to get their client’s job done. With that said, there are a few pavement marking contractors, besides us, that do a good job. They pride themselves on having the ability to use the right products, properly apply them so they last, and complete the project in a clean and tight manner.

We know the characteristics of different paints. For instance, traffic marking paint is a cheap, rough blend designed to dry fast and go on thick because it has to be run over, turned on, and stopped on thousands of times. It may also be driven on just a few moments after it is applied.

The down side of traffic paint is it’s a cheap blend. It does not need to bond super well since pavement is very porous. However, a non-expert contractor will take this thick, poorly bonding paint and paint metal bollards or dense pored light bases since these need to be yellow. What happens? The bollards and light bases peel in a few months or a year and this problem is compounded time after time, coat after coat.

When it comes to striping indoors, take a warehouse for example, if the lines are to stay, a grind and epoxy would insure many years. If they are temporary and may be moved around, normal traffic paint would be a cheap, easy way to go.

The moral of my story is: call DJ’s Painting for your line striping projects!☺    

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