All structures deteriorate, and there’s nothing we can do about that fact. However, we can slow the rate of deterioration with proper maintenance. Tuck pointing is a maintenance service that repairs brick and masonry structures and mortar joints. Regular tuck pointing for your home or business will help keep these structures sound.

Tuck pointing is repairing damaged mortar joints between brick or blocks.  Tuck pointing is completed by digging or cutting out the old damaged mortar and re-pointing the joint so that is is as good as new.  We offer tuck pointing as an added convenience to our clients since it is often needed to properly complete a painting project.

DJ’s Painting serves the southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania area with the best tuck pointing services. Below, we’ll go over in a bit more detail a few of the advantages of tuck pointing.


Increases longevity.

By preventing water and the other elements from entering your masonry or brick structure because of deteriorated joint mortar, you’ll extend the life of your structure. With regular maintenance, odds are you’ll never need your structure completely replaced in your lifetime since bricks last upwards of a century.

Improves the value of your home or commercial building.

Tuck pointing services by DJ’s Painting will make your brick structure, such as your chimney, like new. It will increase your home’s value and help with curb appeal as well.

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