When you look up at a high-rise building and see men and women working on scaffolding, you probably have a sense of awe at their abilities. Yet, these professional painters and waterproofers tackle these projects head-on, learning the ropes (pun intended) and how scaffolding works, in addition to painting and waterproofing. We can paint and waterproof balconies, stairways, and exterior surfaces. No job is too small, too big, or too tall for our professional painting team.

Many contractors will do ladder and some lift work, but only the bravest will do true high aerial work.  We have several teams of highly trained expert painters that are certified in swing stage operations. These men will hang off the side of your building to paint and waterproof any exterior surface.

DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey is extremely proud that we can offer high aerial painting and waterproofing services to our customers. Your high-rise building will thank you — and so will your pocketbook!

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High aerial painting

Close up of men painting on a stage

Lift trim in progress

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