Concrete these days can be much more than just a gray surface in your basement. With the advent of additives, such as flakes and pigments to add color, concrete has become a durable, beautiful flooring that is growing in popularity.

However, like all substances, concrete needs protecting in order to extend its life. By adding in hydrophobic floor sealers, a completely invisible layer will coat the surface, causing water and other harmful substances such as salt, to bead off. Not only does this cause water to whisk away, but you’ll also be preventing mold growth. Which is good because mold is not only is harmful to your health, but also shortens the life of your concrete considerably.

Above, we mentioned some of the benefits of using hydrophobic masonry sealant. In addition, this sealant helps reduce dusting caused by surface abrasions, and it won’t peel, flake, or fade. Being invisible, your concrete will maintain its natural look and feel. Once applied, there is no maintenance besides your everyday floor cleaning.

An added feature of hydrophobic floor sealers is you can create what is known as rain art or invisible graffiti. Basically, you can put images in your sealant that only shows up when it rains. Many companies use this to embed their logos or a fun message in their concrete.

When you use hydrophobic sealing, let your local experts help. Call DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey today!

Using a hydrophobic sealer will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, so what are you waiting for? Let your local experts help. Call DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey today for a FREE quote today!

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