Walls enclose our home and make rooms, which helps us to keep our sanity when we have a house full of kids and dogs running around. DJ’s Painting, a local painting contractor, offers drywall repair. Many people put off repairing their drywall because they think it will be too much of an expense, or they think it just isn’t worth it. After all, what damage can one hole do? It turns out, a lot. Read below for just a little bit of what a damaged drywall hole can do, and contact us today for your drywall needs in southern New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania.


Energy Efficient

Drywall is a great insulating material. Oftentimes, just installing drywall with no layer of installation can make a world of difference to the comfort level of that room or of your home or office.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Let’s face it, no one really wants a hole in their house so they have to answer the same question about how that hole got there (and answer in the same embarrassing way). Thus replacing your drywall is a sure way to ensure your home remains beautiful.

The drywall system became popular after plaster walls and ceilings lost favor in the 50’s and 60’s. Many people refer to drywall as sheetrock, however, drywall refers to the entire system. This consists of pieces or “sheets” of sheetrock, tape, and joint compound to fill all the seams. When put together, the complete system makes up drywall. Drywall became prevalent after plaster because it was less expensive and required less skill to install. The downside to drywall is that it is easy to damage – that’s where drywall repair comes into play! Our teams are extremely skilled at efficient methods to repair drywall since it is required on just about every painting project we do. It sometimes requires two or three coats of joint compound with sanding in between.

When you need drywall repair, let your local experts help. Call DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey today!

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