Metal buildings need paint just as much as wood buildings, or any other type of building. However, many people think that metal just can’t be painted. DJ’s Painting, a painting contractor that serves New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, wants you to know that myth is simply not true. Paint offers many protective properties that your metal building needs. Below, we’ll go over some simple signs to be on the lookout for that will alert you to when it’s time to hire a local painting contractor. Contact us today!


Damaged Paint

Any kind of paint damage is a sign that your paint either needs to be touched up, or it needs to be redone entirely. DJ’s Painting recommends that you look for peeling paint, cracks, flaking, or missing paint.

Patches of Rust or Corrosion

Rust and/or corrosion are clear signs that the paint on your metal building is failing since rust and corrosion are caused by moisture in the air.

Our painters have painted thousands of different kinds of metal buildings over the years. We have painted in many climates as well.  In South Jersey, we face some of the toughest conditions. This is due to the wide temperature range, salty wind driven rains from our shore, and the strong Nor’easterns that pound NJ in the fall. It is critical that your metal building be protected from the elements, or it will corrode and require costly repairs.

There are many uses for steel buildings. This includes steel hangers, marinas, firehouses, aluminum storage buildings, pole barns, and steel office buildings. We know the correct preparation, primer, and top coat for your specific application.

From corrosion resistant primers to cool roof coating finish systems, DJ’s Painting can get the job done. Contact us today!

Metal airplane hangar

Metal building with a fresh coat of exterior paint

Painters painting the exterior of a steel building

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