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Beautify Your Home, Deck, or Shed with Local Staining Services

DJ’s Painting is so much more than just a painting company. Serving primarily southern New Jersey, but also serving Delaware and Pennsylvania, DJ’s Painting also specializes in residential and commercial staining services. Staining is applied to wood to enhance its color or the grain, and protect the wood from damage, mainly from the elements. Simple to apply, staining helps promote the longevity of your wood and adds value. Call us today for a free estimate!


  • Increases longevity of your wood
  • Keeps the bugs out
  • Makes your wood beautiful
  • Can customize the color of your wood
  • Increases value of home and/or business
  • Increases curb appeal of home and/or business
  • Fends off wood rot
  • Reduces the moisture content of your wood.
  • Saves you money
  • And so much more!
Staining a wooden fence

What is Staining And How Does it Work? – DJ’s Painting

Staining is an often-overlooked and affordable way to increase the value of your home and/or business and make a statement. After all, when you take care of your possessions that speaks to the kind of person and business you are. Besides bringing out the obvious beauty and grain of your wood, there are many benefits to residential or commercial staining. DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey explains below just a few of the many benefits of staining, and call us for your next wood staining project!



Staining your wood makes it look better. This will not only increase curb appeal, but you yourself will love it!

Saves You Money

Now you’re listening. When you partner with DJ’s Painting for staining services, you’ll save money with staining. Staining prevents pest infestations, such as termites, that can destroy your wood. It prevents moisture from infiltrating the wood grain, which can freeze and cause it to crack in the winder. All of this prolongs the longevity of your wood.

Staining is a beautiful option for homes, decks, sheds, and so much more!  However, if applied incorrectly, it can look tacky, unprofessional, and messy.  The whole idea of staining is to enhance the beauty, while also adding protection to the wood that is to be stained.  There are many kinds of stain that ranges from concrete stain, wood stain, solid stain, and semi-transparent stain.  DJ’s painting does all of the above.

Different Types of Stains

There are certain stains that look better on different types of wood.  There is also the option of using a semi-transparent stain or a solid stain.  The semi-transparent stain gives the wood a more natural look, while just adding a little bit of color.  The solid stain, however, completely coats the wood in a solid color.  Our expert painters have vast experience preparing and applying stain to log homes, custom patios and interior trim.  We know when to recommend a solid stain or a semi-transparent stain.  We will also state which manufacture will work best in different situations.

The crew at DJ's Painting is here to help you!  We can show you the best stain for your project, and also apply it correctly for a flawless look!  Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Stained screened in sitting area in New Jersey - Pittsgrove, NJ

Newly installed and stained wood wall in a historic mansion - Vineland, NJ

Residential deck with a fresh coat of semi-transparent stain - Vineland, NJ

Staining of a log cabin - South Jersey

Solid stain applied to a residential deck – South Jersey

Semi-transparent stain applied to a residential deck - South Jersey

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DJ's Painting can offer your facility more than just industrial painting. DJ's Painting can offer systems that will keep hot surfaces cool to the touch, saving energy costs for your business. Contact DJ's Painting today to find out about this system and other options like floor coatings to have your facility running and looking its best.

DJ's Painting has been making local businesses in South Jersey look their best for over 30 years. Not only can DJ's Painting paint your interior and exterior painting of your facility, but we can also install epoxy floor coatings and waterproof your building to keep your business looking its best.

We are certified applicators of the concrete protector floor coating systems known as the Perma-flex system. We also work with several other manufacturers of standard high-quality epoxy and urethane floor coatings and stains. Whether you need garage door coatings or coated shop floors, we have what you need.

DJ's Painting has been South Jersey's home painter since 1986. Having painted thousands of homes in New Jersey including log cabin staining, DJ's Painting is the only choice when you want your home to look brand new again. We have the experience needed to get the job done right on every house painting project.