Caulking cracks is one of the first steps to a good paint job, right after cleaning the surface.

While many people, and unfortunately some painters, do not know how to use the different kinds of caulk, or how to properly apply caulk. The pictures show properly applied and improperly applied silicone corner joint…  this is caulking 101.

Improperly applied caulk

Properly applied caulk

Nothing drive me as crazy as when we get called out to paint a building where some well-meaning maintenance facility person has applied silicone all over the walls that need to be painted. You see, silicone is not paintable. There are many other types of caulk that work just as good or even better. These other types can also be painted.

Masonry control joints need a backer rod (foam cord) to hold the caulk in place so it can be applied. The caulk should be either a 1 or 2 part urethane caulk if it will need to be painted or a industrial silicone if painting will never be needed.  There are some new combinations of silicon /polyester resin that have the properties of silicone and can be painted…  look forward to seeing more of these.


Caulking is likely the unsung hero of your home improvement projects. Caulking and painting go hand-in-hand and is responsible for making your accent walls and paint look neat and clean, even if the corners of your home and your walls are textured.

DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey understands the importance a stellar caulking job can make for your home. Always before we paint, we make sure to caulk and fix any minor imperfections that we find so that your walls will pop. This includes around the windows where a lot of heat and cool air during the summer can be lost when there are leaks around the windows and doors.

DJ’s Painting wants to help you make your home not only beautiful, but more energy efficient and, ultimately, higher in value as well. When you call us today for your free caulking and painting estimate, we’ll take a hard look at your space and give you our expert opinion. Contact us today!

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