There are many sealers that could do the job, but one beats them all!

Flooring can be expensive, especially if you are covering a large area. Hence, the fewer times you have to replace your flooring, the more money you’ll save.

When you invest in waterproofing with DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey, our hydrophobic floor coating will keep water from penetrating the surface of the concrete, helping to extend the life of your flooring. Plus, if your home does flood, a hot water heater tank overflows or breaks and water leaks, or a sump pump fails, you will save money on insurance claims since your floors are waterproofed. All it takes is one small drip to cause severe water damage to your flooring. The structural integrity of your home will be preserved as well with our hydrophobic sealing.

Not only will waterproofing protect your health by keeping mold and mildew at bay, but it will also be beautiful to look at. We offer many colors and patterns for you to choose from so you can completely customize the look of your home or business.

Concrete panels can be either coated with a high solids paint like SW loxon XP, an elastomeric coating like SW shur-lastic, or a good hydro phobic paint like STO lotusan. Another option is the Floor Skinz Clear Hydro phobic sealer, which is a good hydro phobic clear sealer if the wall needs to remain natural looking.  There are many masonry sealers on the market, but some leave a sheen on the surface and some are completely invisible when they are dry.  Most of the hydrophobic sealers just slightly reduce the penetration, but the better sealer, which will stop penetration, has a sheen. This means that it will make the surface somewhat shiny.  At DJ’s Painting, we use Floor Skinz Clear Hydrophobic sealer, which is the best clear hydrophobic sealer on the market.  It makes any surface 100% completely hydrophobic, meaning the water literally jumps off the surface. Therefore, it never allows the masonry area, where it was applied, to get wet.

Make sure your contractor provides a detailed and firm quote. Be sure he is also licensed, insured, and has the equipment to reach the high hard to get at spots. DJ’s Painting is fully insured, licensed, and has the proper equipment. So, go ahead, and contact us for a FREE estimate!

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