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Our Company Has Dozens Of Expert Painters With The Skills & Equipment To Complete Any Industrial Painting Project You Need. 

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Industrial Painting at its Best

The experts at DJ’s Painting are continually learning the latest innovative solutions to the problems clients face on a daily basis. It is our goal to stay ahead of the curve and be able to provide our clients with the best painting specification available for industrial painting projects.

Industrial Painting Services We Offer

  • Industrial Painting & Staining
  • Pressure Washing (Power Washing)
  • Steam Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Abrasive Vapor Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Grinding
  • Tuck Pointing
  • Waterproofing
  • Caulking
  • High-Temperature Insulating Coatings
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings
  • Anti-Microbial Elastomeric Coatings
  • Control Joint Replacement
  • Urethane Cement Floors

The experts at DJ’s Painting are continually learning the latest innovative solutions to the problems clients face on a daily basis. It is our goal to stay ahead of the curve and be able to provide our clients with the best painting specification available for industrial painting projects. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing our industrial painting services:


  • Our team has the training and knowledge for interior and exterior industrial coating applications.
  • We ensure the safety of our team and our crew consists of safety-certified operators.
  • We guarantee quality with every job that we are hired to complete, and we do so at a reasonable, affordable price.


The experts at DJ’s Painting can easily assess your coating problems, provide an inspection report, and offer multiple solutions to fit an array of budgets. We will develop a customized painting scope and specifications for your industrial painting project or create an estimate from your current paint specification.

Our Clients Share Their Experience

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“I would like to thank you and the guys from DJ’s who came out and did a fantastic job. I also want to extend the thanks from my boss, Mr. John Miller, and the rest of the staff here at VMU. We will definitely keep DJ’s Painting in mind for any jobs within your fields of expertise.”

– Nick Tannahill, Vineland Electric Power Plant

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“Dan your guys did a wonderful job and we hardly knew they were on the site. Thanks.”

– Tom Thompson, Catelli Brothers


Here at DJ’s Painting, we offer both commercial and industrial painting. Although both involve painting a building for business purposes, they require a different approach. Commercial painting involves painting a business where customers will be present, such as a retail store or restaurant. When approaching a commercial painting job, it’s important to consider the feeling customers get when encountering the building.

An industrial painting job, on the other hand, it’s all about function. It’s about creating a durable, long-lasting coating that will stand up to the harsh conditions of an industrial environment. Interior and exterior paint and coatings are vital to an industrial facility’s structure and functionality. Our painting professionals understand how to choose the best paint for the job, and we’re more than happy to talk with you about your options and the painting process you need for your building. Contact our New Jersey-based painting company today for your free estimate.

Steel-deck painting


Painting and Coating

Your industrial painting needs to stand up to your particular needs. Keep your place looking like new and prolong the life of your surfaces with industrial painting services from DJ’s Painting.

Exterior Painting & Staining

Achieve long-term performance as well as a professional look for your facility when you choose to take advantage of our painting company’s exterior painting and staining surfaces. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade, controlling rust on your building’s exterior, or looking for a water-resistant coating, DJ’s is the New Jersey painting contractor for you. We can handle everything from airline hangers to steel silos and more.

Interior Painting

Interior painting not only updates and refreshes your space, but it can also protect your equipment and surface. Interior painting also makes your building safer for employees and anyone else who is entering the space. Industrial painting seals voids in your wall surface and helps prevent bacteria growth.

Metal Building Painting

The right paint offers your metal building the protective properties it needs to withstand wear and tear. If you see any kind of flaking, peeling, or cracked paint, your paint needs to be touched up or redone entirely. If you have rust and/or corrosion, the paint of a metal building is failing and needs to be repainted before it corrodes and requires costly repairs. Learn more about our metal building painting services.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings

Epoxy floor coating strengthens your flooring, adds durability, and creates a shiny, high-gloss surface that adds light to your space. You can choose epoxy and polyurethane coatings in colors and patterns to fit your branding and the needs of your space, such as laying out traffic patterns. It is a slip-resistant and low-maintenance coating solution. Learn more.

Anti-Microbial Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are a weatherproofing system that is designed to block out moisture while allowing your structure to breathe. This specialized industrial coating system is ideal for masonry, stucco, and concrete. This coating can also bridge minor cracks, providing for longevity.


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Cleaning And Surface Preparation

DJ’s Painting is a full-service painting and coating company, and we make sure surfaces are clean and prepared for any industrial painting job we take on. If you are interested in other surface jobs, like pressure washing or de-greasing, we can also take care of that for you.

Pressure Washing (Power Washing)

Pressure washing can make your interior and exterior look like new. It also prevents damage from dirt, grime, and pollutants as well as protects against slips and falls. We can pressure wash industrial buildings, parking lots, and more. Learn more about our power washing services.

Hot Pressure Washing

Hot pressure washing involves using superheated water (around 200 degrees Fahrenheit) to power away dirt and grease from surfaces. We utilize pressure washing to remove impurities before painting, but you can also use it to clean heavy equipment, large surface, floors, and more.

Steam Cleaning & Degreasing

Steam degreasing is a great way to remove oils and other fluids used in machining operations. Steam cleaning helps maintain machine tools. It reduces water consumption and doesn’t require the use of solvents, which saves you money and helps reduce your environmental impact.

Sandblasting & Vapor Blasting

Sandblasting is an environmentally-friendly way to clean a surface — often concrete. It involves blasting solid particles (sand) with compressed air to clean a surface of contaminants, pollutants, dirt, debris, grime, rust, or any other surface items that don’t belong. It does not damage the surface and it can also smooth and shape the surface. We use both sandblasting and vapor blasting to clean surfaces before applying a coating, and it is part of the industrial painting services we provide our southern New Jersey business owners.

Chemical Stripping

Along with power washing, steam cleaning, and sandblasting, you can also use chemical strippers to remove a coating from wood and other materials. The chemical bonds of the paint are broken down or weakened until paint and varnish can be removed.

Floor Grinding

Floor grinding can help you get the smoothest finish on your concrete flooring. Here at DJ’s Painting in New Jersey, we often perform concrete floor grinding before appealing a sealant, like epoxy floor coating. Grinding can restore the concrete surface and remove paint, epoxies, and dirt. Learn more.

Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing helps keep your building’s brick walls from deteriorating. If you already have damage to your mortar or brick structure, our coating experts can perform stuck pointing to repair the masonry structures. Regular tuck pointing not only keeps the structure sound, but also improves the aesthetic of your structure. It also prevents water and other elements from entering your brick structure,


Water damages most materials it comes in contact with, including wood, metal, and even concrete. And if your building is in New Jersey, it is highly susceptible to water damage from coastal breezes! We use Floor Skinz Clear Hydrophobic sealer for all our concrete sealing needs. It prevents mold growth, protects concrete floors, and increases the value of your building. If you’re in need of this or other industrial painting services, contact us today!


Caulking helps you save on energy costs, keeps bugs outside of your building, prevents water damage, and more. Along with all of our other industrial painting services, we also offer caulking — either combined with painting or separately.

Our Industrial Floor Painting Experts

When it comes to industrial floor painting needs in New Jersey, DJ's Painting in South Jersey are experienced and skilled industrial floor painters available to tackle any project. Our industrial floor painters in New Jersey specialize in providing high-quality floor painting services for a variety of industrial settings, including warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Our industrial floor painting experts understand the unique challenges of industrial floor painting, such as working with different floor surfaces, applying specialized coatings, and ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. We have the expertise to properly prepare the floor surface, ensuring proper adhesion and longevity of the paint.

Industrial floor painters in New Jersey use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to achieve a professional and polished look for industrial floors. Our team can provide a range of floor painting services, including epoxy floor coatings, anti-slip coatings, line striping, and more.

By hiring our expert professional industrial floor painters, you can ensure that your industrial floors are not only aesthetically appealing but also safe and resistant to wear and tear. Our  professionals can help transform your industrial space, protecting the floors and creating a clean and professional environment. Call for industrial floor painting today.

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Our industrial painters have the training and expertise to get your painting projects done right the first time. We offer coating systems that will keep hot surfaces cool to the touch, saving energy costs for your business. Epoxy & Urethane Paint systems designed for structural steel and industrial Tank painting can last up to 20 years. Enhance your masonry walls with Elastomeric and hydrophobic paint systems.  

Our team of commercial painters have been making local businesses in South Jersey look their best for over 35 years. We have painted just about every imaginal type of business in NJ, DE & PA. from Warehouse painting to Schools, Shopping center exteriors to doctors office interior to car dealership service area ceiling painting and more. we have done it all. 

When you need a garage floor epoxy coated, warehouse floor painting project completed or epoxy line striping laid out and applied we have the painters that you need. We can turn your concrete floor into a durable, long-lasting, beautiful surface. DJ's Painting works with several manufacturers of high-quality epoxy and urethane floor coatings, stains and sealers. 

DJ's Painting has been South Jersey's best house painter since 1986. Having painted thousands of homes all across New Jersey we are the areas most experienced painting company when you want your home to look new again. We have the painters with the experience needed to get the job done right on every house painting project. 

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