DJ’s Painting serves southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania with masonry coating services. We’ve been in the painting business for over 30 years, helping homeowners and businesses with their interior and exterior painting needs, as well as their masonry coating needs. Masonry coating has many benefits. Read more below to see if you are in need of a masonry coating today.


Increases Longevity of Buildings

Masonry coatings are similar to stains and paint in that masonry coatings increase the life of your building. By helping to keep moisture (one of the chief causes of material breakdown) at bay, masonry coatings will lengthen the life of your structure.

Improves Appearance

Masonry coatings will improve the appearance of your masonry structure by filling in holes and smoothing out scratches and dents. Masonry coatings can also be painted for an even better look and for curb appeal.

Improves Home’s Value

No one enjoys a run-down house anymore than the next guy. By investing in masonry services by DJ’s Painting, you’ll make your home or business appear new again.

Masonry Coatings

Painting masonry surfaces is more complex than most think. If a masonry coating is to be left natural, it’s best to apply a hydrophobic clear or a low solids silane-siloxane clear to offer some protection. If the surface is to be painted, then there are a few options to consider, such as block filling and painting with acrylic. The new and better systems are a high solids acrylic, such as SW Loxon XP, which fills the voids like block filler and has the durability and finish of a good paint. If the wall has a lot of small cracks, Loxon or a traditional elastomeric can be used to both fill and bridge the gaps.

There are many different forms of masonry coatings. The experts at DJ’s Painting will be willing to take the time and find the right system that works for you and your project! Call DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey for your masonry coating service today!

Clear coat of a masonry coating

Masonry coating that offers full coverage

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