You may be wondering why dry fall paint sounds too good to be true. It contains special additives that allow it to dry quickly before it even touches the ground. It has to fall from about 10 feet or more to be dry before landing. It is easy to prepare and comes in three types: acrylic, alkyd, and epoxy, making it usable on a variety of surfaces, including gypsum, aluminum, steel and wood.

DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey loves dry fall painting because it is practically odor-free, and it can be applied overnight and not disrupt your business at all. Popular locations to use dry fall painting include:

  • Warehouses
  • Stores
  • Condominiums
  • Ceilings
  • Factories
  • Storage facilities
  • Manufacturing plants

Because dry fall painting is highly reflective many businesses install this type of paint in their big industrial spaces in order to save energy. During the day, the paint helps to light up the interior, which will then require fewer light fixtures and less energy used. This can make a big difference in a big building, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. The cleanup is a snap, only requiring you to cleanup that which falls to the ground, which usually requires only a quick vacuum. When you partner with a professional painting service such as DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey, we do the cleanup for you.


  • Dry fall painting is similar to regular painting. You’ll want to cover all surfaces, especially the floor, to protect from dust and the falling excess paint flecks. While the paint won’t harm anything if you don’t cover things up; it’s a good idea to help with final cleanup.
  • Before you paint any surface, you need to make sure it is clean. DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey does this either through pressure washing the surface, using sandblasting services, or using a different grinding method, depending on the location of the surface and its surface area.
  • Do the patchwork repair first. Just like any other professional painting job, you’ll want to patch up any holes, cracks, or other imperfections before you paint. Wooden surfaces will need a primer, as will iron in some spots. All the rules to painting still apply with dry fall painting in New Jersey.
  • Use a paint sprayer. There is some training involved with dry fall paint before using a sprayer. This step in the painting process should definitely be handled by a professional painter who has some training and/or experience in this method. Otherwise, you risk uneven coating and a shoddy paint job instead of smooth texture with no drips.


Do keep in mind that like with all paint, the rate of drying does depend upon the temperature and the humidity levels. Low temperatures and high humidity aids drying. However, DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey recommends that you dry fall paint when it’s convenient for you because the only difference would be that it may take a bit longer for your paint to dry.

Dry fall paint has virtually no smell because it has exceedingly low VOCs, or volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to your health. It dries smooth and won’t collect dust, making it ideal for industrial spaces that can have processes that emit dust and other dirt particles frequently. This means that dry fall paint is extremely low maintenance, which is important to busy business owners who do not have time to clean.

When you invest in any type of professional painting services by DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey, you can expect a top-notch paint job that will exceed your expectations. Beyond aesthetics, paint protects, and as a business owner, protecting your buildings is crucial for continued success. With all of the benefits of dry fall paint, you need to call DJ’s Painting today for a free dry fall paint estimate to see how it can help you!

Dry fog or dry fall paint depending on which manufacturer you are talking to, is designed specifically for painting ceilings and large open areas. The characteristics of dry fall paint are similar to flat acrylic paints. The major difference is unlike traditional paints where the overspray remains wet, a dry fall paint overspray dries within 1-2 seconds and lands harmlessly on the ground as a dry dust. Although using a dry fall is much more convenient than a traditional paint for open ceilings, it does have one major drawback. It does not hold up well to direct contact, which is why it is a perfect solution to open steel deck industrial ceilings.

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