As a business owner, probably one of the last things you think about is your parking lot, barring the snow that comes our way here in southern New Jersey. However, parking lots are very important for your customers. Not only do they help your customers park, but they also provide a valuable service to keeping them safe.

DJ’s Painting offers parking lot striping for commercial clients in southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We can work around your schedule so as to have minimal impact on your clientele. Below, we’ll review just a few of the many benefits of parking lot striping services. Call us today for a free estimate!



The most important benefit of parking lot striping is safety. Parking lot striping is actually an important aspect for any business with a storefront. It first and foremost, provides safety for customers and people that will be using the parking lot. With people constantly getting in and out of cars that it can be easy to accidentally hit someone. With proper parking lot striping by DJ’s Painting, you can help guide both drivers and pedestrians with clearly marked walkways and parking lines. This helps drivers to know where the crosswalk is and helps pedestrians to know where you’d like them to cross so they don’t just dart out in ten thousand different directions. If you have on-way traffic, it’s imperative you mark this clear as well.

Boosts Curb Appeal

Secondly, it adds beauty and professionalism to the storefront. When a customer drives up and sees a freshly painted parking lot, it immediately increases their chances of coming inside.

Here at DJ’s Painting, we not only do the work, but we put everything that we have in ensuring that our clients have the best experience possible. We will give any job 100% of our best work! Contact us today for a FREE quote!

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