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Getting the Smoothest Finishes for Your Concrete Flooring

Oftentimes, your concrete floors will need to be grounded before any type of flooring or sealant can be applied. This is to remove any impurities or scratches to your concrete and also to make it level. A grinding machine is basically a spinning wheel with abrasives coating its surface. DJ’s Painting serves southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware with floor grinding services that will make your new floors perfect. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Benefits Of Floor Grinding Services In Southern New Jersey

  • Works with any kind of rock, such as concrete and granite
  • Takes out all of the imperfections in the rock
  • Makes installing flooring over it easier
  • Can restore the concrete surface
  • Removes paint, epoxies, & dirt
  • And so much more!
Men showing a grind machine
A grinder on the floor

Why Do We Grind? – DJ’s Painting

Grinding your concrete floors or other hard surfaces only makes sense. You want a smooth, perfect surface to install your flooring so that your flooring comes out perfect and beautiful. Otherwise, you run the risk of your flooring being uneven, of not adhering to the concrete, and of ultimately decreasing the longevity of your flooring. By investing in floor grinding before laying flooring, you will be saving yourself time and money.

Floor grinding is perfect for warehouses, especially considering the fact that machines will routinely go up and down on your floors. If you are looking to install polished flooring or epoxy flooring (which we can help with as well) in your home, they make for great flooring for your kids and pets. If you own a high traffic restaurant, floor grinding followed by easy-to-clean flooring solutions is your best bet.

Many times good surface preparations require grinding. We grind out spalling masonry to expose rusted metal embedded into the concrete. Then we grind off rust and metal slag before painting. Floor grinders can grind floors and walls to prepare for epoxy floor coatings and waterproofing systems. Grinding also helps most solutions to adhere to the surface to which they are being applied.

DJ’s Painting in southern New Jersey offers the best floor grinding services. Whether you are installing floors yourself or professionally, let us make sure your floor is even. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Starting proper garage floor coating with sanding and vacuuming.

Concrete Floor Grinding

Grinding a garage floor to prep for seamless floor coating.

DJ's Painting can offer your facility more than just industrial painting. DJ's Painting can offer systems that will keep hot surfaces cool to the touch, saving energy costs for your business. Contact DJ's Painting today to find out about this system and other options like floor coatings to have your facility running and looking its best.

DJ's Painting has been making local businesses in South Jersey look their best for over 30 years. Not only can DJ's Painting paint your interior and exterior painting of your facility, but we can also install epoxy floor coatings and waterproof your building to keep your business looking its best.

We are certified applicators of the concrete protector floor coating systems known as the Perma-flex system. We also work with several other manufacturers of standard high-quality epoxy and urethane floor coatings and stains. Whether you need garage door coatings or coated shop floors, we have what you need.

DJ's Painting has been South Jersey's home painter since 1986. Having painted thousands of homes in New Jersey including log cabin staining, DJ's Painting is the only choice when you want your home to look brand new again. We have the experience needed to get the job done right on every house painting project.