Many people think the art of carpentry has fallen by the wayside since the advent of machinery. Although some aspects of carpentry have been replaced, there will always be a demand for high-quality, custom craftsmanship.

DJ’s Painting has answered the call of craftsmanship with our carpentry services, which we offer in southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.. From minor to major carpentry fixes, our team can help you. We offer custom carpentry fabrication, as well as minor board and trim replacements. There are some great benefits to enlisting our quality carpentry services.


Saves You Money

Oftentimes, rather than fix something that is broken, many people will just replace it instead. For instance, if your door is rotting or your dog has done a good number on it, oftentimes, we can carve out the damaged portion, replace the wood, and save you money and hassle without having to replace the entire door.

In order to keep our clients happy, we have added these services to our offerings.  Our painters are capable of all types of minor carpentry such as replacing damaged drywall, rotten trim boards, and damaged deck boards.  Often we run into areas that require more intensive carpentry work.  We do have a carpentry team that handles more involved projects such as installing doors, windows, kitchen cabinet installations, fencing and minor structural repairs. This is convenient not only for us, but also for you, our customer!

DJ’s Painting has been helping residents of southern New Jersey and the surrounding area with the best painting and carpentry services for over 30 years. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Drop ceiling installation and minor carpentry – Bridgeton, NJ

Carpenter fabricating custom trim work and doors – NJ

Cutting boards, minor carpentry – South Jersey

Our Southern New Jersey Service Areas Include: