Painting homes in Cape May County is a little different than painting in other areas of South Jersey. Many areas in Cape May County have historic architecture and are restricted as to what updates and modifications can be made. There is also the possible drawback of inclement weather. A professional painter should be knowledgeable enough to assist the homeowner in navigating around these potential obstacles.

How does weather complicate painting in Cape May County?

Weather conditions near the Jersey shore can provide difficulties in completing a painting project. Cape May County is basically a small peninsula, allowing it to be hit with extra moisture due to the proximity of both the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is hit especially hard during the fall nor’easters with strong wind driven rain coming from all directions. This, along with the salt air, creates an extremely harsh environment for paint coatings and waterproofing materials such as caulk and masonry sealers. 

How do we overcome these complications?

Knowing when to use what caulks and paints and how to properly prepare the surface is vital when painting in areas near the shore, such as Cape May County. It is also necessary to follow through and avoid taking shortcuts when completing any painting service. Whether you are looking to beautify the interior of your home or protect the exterior of your home from the elements, DJ’s Painting has you covered.

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