Commercial Painting: What Blue Does To People

As we’ve discussed in six previous blogs, color plays a big part in how people will react in certain situations. Warmer colors such as red and yellow can get people to be more impulsive, with both colors leading people to be a bit angrier in some situations. Green and purple, both on the cooler side, tend to calm people down and make them feel more introspective. Purple even makes people feel colder, so it’s not a color you necessarily want in every room of the house.

Today we’re going to stick with the cooler side of things and focus on a color that you might be surprised we haven’t gotten to yet. After all, tell a group of people to name a color and they’ll probably yell out red, green, Those other two have been discussed. Let’s take care of blue — not only how it affects your mood, but also some interesting trivia regarding it.

Why Paint with Blue?

  • It’s Calming
  • It Is Secure
  • People Are More Productive
  • But It Can Make You Sad
  • It’s Popular...
  • ...But It’s Not A Popular Car Color
  • It Wasn’t Always The Color For Boys
  • Babies and Blue Eyes
  • Cultures Didn’t Have A Word For It

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Blue is known for representing security and sadness, boys and girls, and can go away completely in the eyes of some infants. It’s certainly one of the most interesting colors out there, and in the business world is certainly a good option to get workers to work faster or to get customers to feel like your company is on solid ground. If you’re ready to make the most of the color blue, DJ’s painting can help you choose the right shade so that you can get blue to do exactly what you need it to do. Contact us for your commercial painting needs today!

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