We are often asked about painting warehouse floors.

  • “Do you paint warehouse floors?”
  • “Can you apply warehouse epoxy floors?”
  • “Do you do warehouse line painting?”

The answer to all these questions is YES YES YES

Many floor coating contractors take offense to the phrase “floor painter.” This is mainly because to merely paint a floor is quite an understatement for the actual scope of work that is required to make a warehouse floor painting project hold up for more than a few weeks. Expert painters like us will be knowledgeable enough to help you choose the best option for your warehouse. In many cases, a polished and densified floor is better and more manageable. However, if chemical resistance is needed or the concrete slab needs to be protected from oil penetration, an epoxy painted floor would be a better choice. In order to accomplish this, large diamond grinders are used to remove any old coatings and open up the pores of the cement so that it can accept the epoxy. 

As for line painting, line striping, and painting lines in parking lots, we have you covered. If you need lines in your warehouse that won’t be permanent, then a quick line striping project is the right choice for you. This is what we would do outside in a parking lot and is a very fast process. However, if the lines will be staying put for many years, then it’s well worth the cost to have us grind and apply epoxy lines with a clear top coat of urethane. 

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