Choosing paint for your business may seem like an overwhelming task. There is an endless sea of color choices and a limitless number of combinations. So how do you know which hues are right for your space?

Your brand likely already has a color scheme in place. You may have a logo or company colors that you can choose from. When your paint colors reflect other marketing materials, it strengthens your brand. 

But did you know that you can also use paint colors to influence the decisions your customers make? The colors you select are just as important as the painters you hire and the quality of the job. Understanding the psychology surrounding color and consumer behavior can help you be more mindful of your paint choices. 

Why Color Matters

Before trying to decide on a color for your business, it’s first good to understand why the color is so important. Customers notice color on both a conscious and subconscious level. The colors you choose can elicit some pretty powerful reactions.

Customers rely on their senses when making decisions. However, for many, their sense of sight is their most powerful. The appearance of your business might make or break your sales or even the amount of traffic you receive. 

Choosing a paint color is about more than what looks nice. There is some real science behind how customers perceive certain colors. There are also some psychological reasons why they react to certain hues. Choosing the right paint colors for your business can help you guide your customers’ decision making to your benefit. 

Red to Encourage Urgency

There’s a reason sale and clearance signs are typically red. Not only do they stand out, but they also convey a sense of urgency. Red is a powerful color that can make your customers feel the need to take action

Seeing red in your business can lead customers to make quicker decisions. It can increase their energy and even their appetite. This can pay off for you with impulse buys and increased sales. 

Red can be an overwhelming color in large doses, so look for ways to add subtle splashes of the crimson hue. Adding a red statement wall in your eatery may increase the amount customers order. A bright red front door can bring buyers into your store and give them the energy they need to purchase your goods. 

Energetic Oranges

Orange is another hue that increases a sense of urgency. It’s also a color that makes customers think they are getting a great deal. A citrusy orange can help you encourage your customers to make a decision to purchase, and quickly. 

Look for ways to add orange to your business that won’t overwhelm the eye. A cheerful orange stripe can produce positivity and a call to action. A vivid orange storefront can entice passing customers that are looking for affordable choices!

Bright Yellows to Boost Mood

Yellow is a perfect paint color to grab the attention of passing shoppers. It’s also a good hue to boost customers’ moods. And happier customers are often more likely to buy more. 

Use yellow paint to create a youthful look. It also gives your business an optimistic feel. Yellow walls give off a cheery and energetic vibe.

Because it attracts so much attention, it is often a great choice for an entryway or doorway. Encourage customers to stop in to your business with a lemon-hued greeting. This sets the tone for positive and happy interactions. 

Calming Blues for Trust

Blues can be used to let your customers know that you are trustworthy and reliable. Why do you think so many banks opt for blue signage and logos? Shades of blue connect a customer’s brain to a reliable and steady reputation. 

Blue is popular for its calming effect. Customers can feel more at ease and tranquil in your space. They will be more relaxed and secure, allowing them to make thoughtful decisions. 

With so many different shades, blue is a great choice to decorate a whole space. A peaceful navy can look both posh and calming. Light blue can make your space feel serene and encourage customers to take their time. 

Green for Relaxation

Green is the easiest color on the eyes. This makes it relaxing and peaceful to the brain. Painting your walls green allows your customer to relax and feel harmonious in your business. 

With associations with health and nature, green encourages a feeling of well being. It can give your customers a sense of wellness in your space. It’s a perfect paint choice if you’re selling anything from healthy food to medicinal products. 

Green is also associated with being environmentally sound. This can help attract customers that are looking for eco-friendly choices. Green paint can help customers feel like your business is more connected to nature. 

Blacks and Greys for Sleek Luxury

Black and grey are timeless choices. They show customers that you are consistent, reliable, and high-quality. A well-planned black and grey color scheme can give off the air of luxury in your business. 

A black statement wall or sleek charcoal door can make your business feel posh and sophisticated. Perfectly toned grey walls can create a traditional look that encourages trust from customers. Using a monochromatic color scheme can help your customers view your business as high-end and luxurious. 

Creating a Stunning Combination

Combining colors strategically can make your business feel more put together. This makes it appeal to more customers and create a space that they want to be in. The trick is selecting colors that align with your goals and go well together. 

A monochromatic color scheme can give your business a polished look. It will give your customers a refined feel. The result is a calming space where they can make purchase decisions without distraction.

Selecting contrasting colors can give your business a dynamic look. Try choosing colors opposite on the color wheel like blue and orange or purple and green. This creates an energizing feel that can spur up excitement about your business for customers. 

Choosing Your Perfect Paint Colors

Your paint colors are one of the most important ways your business represents itself. They can also give you the ability to influence your customers’ decision making. Being thoughtful about your paint choices can mean big things for your business. 

Create a space that reflects your brand and your business’ goals. Use color to both make a statement and impact the thoughts and emotions of your customers. The result will be a beautiful space where your business can thrive. 


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