Picking Paint Colors in 2020

Colors say a lot about how we feel. In 2020, we are all feeling cooped up and need to be calmed and set free. Did you know that there are specific colors that can help you to feel calm and relaxed? Sherwin Williams has been forecasting colors for many years and this year they hit the nail on the head! Paint colors can drastically change our mood, and in some cases, even make a room feel warmer or cooler.

Who Touched the Thermostat?

Studies have been done where two identical rooms were set at 70 degrees. One room was painted light blue and the other soft orange. Members of a focus group were taken into the rooms separately and asked what temperature they thought the room was. The average response was 73 degrees for the orange room and 67 degrees for the blue room. Since the rooms were both set at 70 degrees, this could only mean that the warmer color tones made the people feel warmer, while the cooler color tones made them feel cooler.

Do Colors Affect Emotion?

This gets even more interesting when you look at some old studies that were done years ago in prisons where they change the colors of prison cells to see if it correlated with mood. No surprise, it did! Red had an almost immediate effect and caused tempers to be much shorter, however, pink had a calming effect at first but over time had much the same outcome as the red. On the other hand, blue and green had lasting calming effects. Each color can have a specific impact on each of us. For example, blue is known to suppress appetites, yellow builds excitement, and red, in small doses, makes you hungry. After saying all this, we would be happy to paint any wall with whatever colors you choose! Just remember to pick colors that emulate how you want people to feel in that room. Take a look at the Sherwin Williams 2020 color forecast. Hopefully, it wets your appetite and helps you decide to freshen up you interior or exterior space!
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