Welcome to the third in a series about how color affects you, both intellectually, creatively, and emotionally. First we took a look a Baker-Miller Pink, a pink that can calm you down faster than any other color. Next we wrote a blog about red and how it can cause you to be more impulsive and quicken the heart rate (happy Valentine’s Day, by the way!) Today we’re heading to the cooler side of the color spectrum as we discuss how green can affect you.

What do you think of when you think of green? Many people immediately think of a forest, or perhaps a nice green garden. Others might think of it more in environmental terms, such as “the Green Movement,” dedicated to keeping the planet healthy. Most of the time green has a very positive connotation in people’s lives.

Of course, it’s not always what you think about when it comes to green. Most people are affected by green whether they know it or not. Let’s take a look at what can happen once you hire an interior painter to paint your rooms.

It Symbolizes Nature

While most of the world is covered in blue-tinted water, most of us associate green with nature. After all, most plants out there contain a significant amount of green in spring and summer, whether it’s the leaves of a tree or the grass underfoot. Public parks exist for a reason, because most people like to get back to nature after shutting themselves inside a house or office building for most of the day. Humans are simply drawn to the color because we’re drawn to wooded areas.

It’s Calming

Springboarding off the nature aspect, green has a calming affect. Have you ever heard of a green room? It’s the room where guests will wait before appearing on a talk show. Green is simply used to calm them down before nerve wracking appearances. If you’re wondering which color to paint your bedroom, most interior painters will tell you that greens (and blues) are a great option. And speaking of the bedroom…

It’s the Color Of Fertility

If green = nature and nature = growth, then it makes sense that green can represent the growth of the family. Green has been associated with fertility for centuries. In fact, wedding dresses weren’t always white…in some cultures they’re green!

It Represents Good Luck

Take a look at this image of lottery tickets. What do you notice? A lot of red and yellow (to increase impulsivity of people to buy them) and green. Green has long been a symbol of good luck (four leaf clovers and leprechaun clothing, for instance). Also, in our country it also represents windfalls because our money is green. Why is our money green? One reason is that the color green represents growth, which brings us right back to green’s association with a fecund forest. You certainly want your money to grow, so green is once again playing a psychological trick on you.

It Could Help Your Score Better On Tests

When presented with different colors before taking a test, students who looked at a red card performed 20% worse than those who looked at a green card. It’s likely that the green calmed some of them down, while the red caused them to rush through the test and impulsively answer questions. When taking a test, avoid red at all cost!

So if green has so many positive effects on people’s lives, why isn’t it one of the main colors you’ll find in houses? Why is bone white still so popular? Good questions, and we have to admit, we don’t have the answer. Now that you know the good that green does, why not start the trend and paint some interior rooms your favorite shade? All you have to do is contact DJ’s Painting today!