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Procrastination can cost BIG MONEY

August 6, 2012

In the current economic climate, there are many companies holding off on painting projects. The belief of remaining conservative with one’s budget since our economic future is still a bit uncertain seems wise on the surface. It is not like the building’s roof is falling off, right? Not moving forward with a painting project because it is viewed only as cosmetic fix is a big mistake. If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting it off. Procrastination will cost a business more money than doing a project now.

Scenario #1: The Roof is Falling Off. A business has a coated metal roof and that is beginning to fail; the paint is starting to weather away. If left untouched it will continue to breakdown little by little, as this happens the bond between the top coat and the underlying coat will become compromised, which will lead to inter-coat adhesion failure. As a result, a much more costly repaint project is required. Inter-coat adhesion failure can also cause potential problems with paint release in the top and under coat layers of paint forever.Lets say procrastination continues and nothing is done at the onset of the coating failure and that coating broke down completely. Consequently, the metal roof would begin to oxidize or rust, which can produce holes and leaks, thus requiring a complete replacement which is much, much more costly than the painting option that was put off. At the very least, the roof preparation prior to painting would be much more elaborate and extensive, which drives costs up as opposed to minimal prep had the failure been addressed at the appropriate time. Repainting a metal roof at the onset of paint failure is a huge savings. If the project is put off, the cost will double or triple and can climb up to 300% of what the timely painting repairs would have cost.

Scenario #2: Come on In. Lets say a business owner decides to delay an interior or exterior repainting. How can that possibly cost you? It is money saved now, but is it? For instance, Business A and Business B reside on the same street corner. Business A looks fresh and clean, while Business B‘s appearance has not been kept up and needs to be repainted. Customers who are faced with choosing between similar businesses in close proximity will chose the clean, neat, well kept business. This is not a opinion; it has been well documented and proven. DJ’s Painting worked with a well known hamburger chain and completed a large national repaint project between 1999 and 2001. The hamburger chain measured the result the painting had on overall restaurant sales. The numbers were astounding; a fresh coat of paint increased total sales by 7-12% with some locations earning even more. With stats like that, it is easy to say procrastination will cost you big! The big picture should not be overlooked in an attempt to conserve a few dollars right now. If there is not enough money in the budget to complete a full repaint there are still options to consider. Even on a limited budget DJ’s Painting can make a big impact on the appearance of any business. For example, a high traffic painting focuses on only specific areas that will make the most impact (usually areas continually seen or touched by customers). Also, by completing a partial exterior repaint and painting the most venerable areas that get the most weather exposure will prevent serious repainting issues down the road. Any solution chosen will simply be less costly than procrastinating. Contact DJ’s Painting today for a free estimate!

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