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It’s A Colorful World

February 17, 2013

Have you ever wondered why your emotions change? Have you ever been sad one minute and happy the next? Did you know those feelings could come from your walls?

It’s true, scientific experiments prove that the color of the room one is in affects their emotions. For instance have you ever heard the saying “Paint the town red?” This is based off of the results of someone who was placed in a red rooms’ reaction. The saying means “To party or celebrate in a rowdy, wild manner, especially in a public place,”  and the meaning of the color red, or the emotion it is shown to give off, is excitement. Of course there are other meanings but this in particular saying was based off of this result.

All of the colors give off different sensations. Red is known to display strong emotions of love and comfort as well as feelings of excitement and intensity.

Orange, on the other hand, has shown to be an energetic color that draws attention in more that one case. It has also proven to bring excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.

Yellow not only affects the mind but also the metabolism. Yellow has proven to increase the speed of one’s metabolism as well as cause anger and frustration. Yellow is not always a bad color though, in some cases yellow has been described as cheery and warm, also some illustrate that yellow was the most pleasing to the eye.

Ever heard of the saying “green with envy?” That didn’t just conjure up out of thin air. Green has shown results of jealousy in addition to a healthy feeling and a calming affect. Leprechauns aren’t green because they like that color, they are green because they, like green, symbolize luck. If you are one stressed person you might want to consider having DJ’s Painting transfer your walls to the hue green; green has, additionally, proven to ease away the stress in ones life.

Have you ever wondered why the traditional color for boys is blue and the girls is pink? This is so because of the fact that blue is preferred by men rather than any other color known. Blue is not only favored by men but it  emits a calm feeling. people say “I’m feeling blue today,” for a reason. You don’t see many people prancing around saying, “I’m feeling yellow today.” Blue not only has a sad feeling it also has filling feeling to it. Blues can effect if you are or aren’t hungry. Usually blue decreases the want to eat.

When watching cartoons, the king always has purple incorporated in his castle or wardrobe, this is because purple is often perceived as a royal color or the color of wisdom and wealth, everything a king resembles.

Have you ever wondered why there were so many more pink candy hearts in the sweethearts candy box than any other colors? It’s because pink is the color of romance and love. An experiment was done with the color pink. A few prison inmates were placed in a pink room and the initial feeling was calming, but after a certain amount of time, pink was proven to cause agitation.

Brown is more of a natural color. It emanates a feeling of isolation and depression. In spite of that, brown is also known to create a feeling of warmth and comfort as well as security. Brown also shows sophistication.

Black is a color of death and sadness. Black can also give off a sexual feeling in addition to a sophisticated sensation. In many disney princess movies the evil stepmother, queen, sorceress, and many others are dressed in black clothing to display their villainy.

Just imagine, all of these colors affect the way you live your life. All of these colors have a different meaning, a different emotion. All of these colors and emotions could be under your control. All you have to do is call DJ’s Painting, and your life will, finally, be in yourhands.


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