What is a HOME?

There is so much to the word HOME. A home is where you lay your head at night, where you raise your children, where you gather for Christmas morning, eat Easter dinner, relax and enjoy television time, play cards and entertain guests, and so much more. So, when it comes time to inviting a painting contractor into your home, to literally touch every inch of your walls, ceilings, trim, doors, railings, and more don’t you think it’s important they be true experts and not just the low bid…

What is a HOME Painter?

The project called “home painting” is just that, it is painting your home. Your home should be treated with respect and the estimate should show exactly what’s getting done, what products will be used, and where they will be applied. Our expert home painters know that they are guests in your home and they are there to complete your home painting project with the least disruption to your “home” as possible. We take extra care of your home furnishings by covering them with light-weight plastic when we cannot move them out of the room being worked on. Our team will ask whether you want your pictures hung back in the same places so they know if the nail holes need to be spackled or should be left so you do not have to re-measure everything. It is little stuff like this that makes the difference between a home painter and just another painter.

The DJ’s Painting Guarantee

We provide a 2 year warranty of every painting project and do not collect anything until the job is 100% complete and our clients are happy. Just one more way we go a step beyond to make sure we delight our clients!

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