In a previous blog post, we explained why you should paint your house before selling. But it takes more thought than just grabbing a random can of paint from the hardware store. The fact is that a house’s paint color matters. Said chief economist Svenja Gudell of Zillow, “Color can be a powerful tool for attracting buyers to a home, especially in listing photos and videos.” As you can see on Business Insider, Gudell also mentions that painting walls in shades of blue and pale gray (natural-looking colors) make a home feel larger. Let’s take a closer look at which colors provide the most bang for your buck and which you should leave at the store.

  1. Kitchens – Think about a light blue to a soft gray-blue scheme in this space. Interestingly, homes with these colors in the kitchen sold for more than $1,800 more on average. In contrast, homes featuring kitchens that are painted yellow sold for about $820 less. That’s more than a $2,500 difference!
  2. Bathrooms – Maybe you’re wondering if painting the bathrooms off-white or eggshell white is the safest bet. Unfortunately, these homes sell for $4,000 less on average. Kind of crazy, right? So what color should you go with in the bathrooms? Frankly, a light powder blue to periwinkle is best. Zillow confirms that these homes sell for about $5,400 more.
  3. Dining room – We’re starting to get to the rooms where we see all sorts of paint colors. With the dining room, it’s a good idea to opt for slate blue to pale gray-blue. Even navy blue works well in this space. These homes sold for nearly $2,000 more. It’s a different story, however, with red dining rooms. Whether it’s brick red, terracotta, or copper red, the result is lost money. These homes sold for about $2,000 less on average because of the paint job in the dining room.
  4. House exterior – Don’t make the mistake of painting your home’s exterior brown. On average, these homes sell for less $1,900. As an alternative, consider greige – a mix of gray and beige. These homes typically fetch about $1,500 more on average.
  5. Front door – Is it really worth your time to paint the front door a certain color? The short answer is yes. Homes featuring a front door painted navy blue to dark gray or charcoal sell for more than $1,500 on average. That’s a pretty significant boost if you ask us.

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