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The Challenges that Occur with Commercial Painting in NJ

We have been painting in NJ for over 35 years. Having also painted in all 49 of the other states, we are uniquely positioned to offer advice on the challenges faced by commercial painters in NJ.  


In NJ, we have some of the nation’s widest swings in temperature, which includes: humidity, dew point, and barometric pressure changes.  Many people might think these things aren’t irrelevant for commercial painters, however they are not. In fact, all of these factors need to be taken into consideration. When specifying which products to use on commercial properties, the temperature comes into play. Consideration for the expansion and contraction that the substrate will be subject to is important. As important as the temperature, it Will be applied at and whether or not the dew point Will have been reached before the coating and cured thus causing it to run or drip.  

Age of structures

Commercial buildings in New Jersey uniquely compare to other areas of the country. Many of them contain very old buildings that people have partially updated or renovated with new additions. Painting the interior of a commercial building in New Jersey with 50% of it being 100 years old, containing old plaster, lead painted trim, and wood windows and 50% of it being brand-new with drywall and metal trim can get tricky. It needs to flow and trying to accomplish a good flow in buildings like this is no small feat…  When it comes to the exterior NJ the challenges are even greater. The old brick structures extended contract that much different race new tilt up concrete or composite materials do.  This makes the expansion joints breakdown prematurely and create many more areas that need caulking


Generally speaking, people in New Jersey and people in New York are more demanding. They also have higher expectations than many other parts of the nation. I’m not just talking about the client but the clients customers. In fact, the general expectation in NJ is that a commercial painter should be nearly invisible to the general public while working on a project. Having painted tens of thousands commercial projects over the past 30 years, we are extremely proficient in accomplishing this goal.

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