Springtime. It’s all about warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and spending time outside with loved ones. This also tends to be the most popular time of year for home improvement projects. Before you pack your honey-do list full this spring, think back to the last time your house was painted. Has it been decades? Maybe you can’t remember at all. If that’s the case, then now is the time to get in touch with a local painter. Here’s why you should paint your home’s exterior this spring:

  1. It’s stressed out – We bet you didn’t know that your home’s exterior gets stressed out from time to time. No, it’s not anxious about a review at work or the in-laws visiting. It’s actually the weather that causes havoc on your home’s exterior. Elements such as snow, ice, frost, rain, and high humidity can all wear down the paint over time. Of course, any sort of moisture can cause paint to swell and soften, which leads to cracking, flaking, blistering, and peeling. The sunlight beating down on the exterior isn’t exactly a good thing, either. Through the years, the sunlight can cause paint to fade.
  2. Repairs are needed – There could be a lot of things wrong with your home’s exterior. The longer you wait to hire a professional painting service, the higher the chance exposed wood begins to rot. As is so often the case, it’s usually much more expensive to replace things as opposed to simply repairing them. Should you continue to put off that new paint job, the more costly the repairs will be.
  3. It improves your home’s curb appeal – Are you sick and tired of your home being the eyesore on the block? If so, then you have a number of options. Sure, you could take it upon yourself to spruce up the current landscaping. What we recommend, though, is hiring an experienced house painter. He or she will make your home’s exterior look brand-new and allow it to stand out from others on the market (if you happen to be selling, that is).
  4. It increases the value of your home – Not every improvement project needs to cost an arm and a leg. In most cases, the increase in your home’s value is much greater than the cost of getting it painted by a professional. Be sure to check out our Reasons to Paint Your House Before Selling post when you get the chance.
  5. You just can’t stand the current paint any longer – At some point, you will need to paint your house again. It doesn’t matter how well it was painted the first time. Maybe the time is now for a fresh coat. Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise guests when they come over for parties during the summer and even into the holiday season?

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