If you’ve ever tried to paint your home, you know the feeling of picking through paint chips and painting test swatches on your walls. Have you looked at the way the color changes throughout the day; the difference between morning and evening light; the way color makes you feel? If so, you know how hard it is to pick paint colors, as well as the difference the right color makes in how you feel in your home!

It’s impossible to tell you the perfect paint color for your home, but we can share with you the most common. If you choose our painting company for your job, we offer free design consultations and will walk you through what we recommend! Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re in need of a painting contractor in New Jersey, contact DJ’s Painting.


Warm colors are a great choice for a kitchen since it’s a place that you want to be inviting and cozy. Oranges and reds also stimulate the appetite. If you love vibrant colors, the kitchen is a great place to be bold and pick a saturated hue. If you prefer basics and neutrals, white, cream, and light blue are also a good choice for your kitchen. 

Try to steer clear of cool, dark colors, like navy. If you want something a bit darker and moody, try an earthy brown. Think about how the color will work with your cabinets and appliances. If you’re also replacing the cabinets, try to choose something neutral and classic, as cabinets are one of the most expensive (and most difficult to replace) things in your kitchen.


Unlike your kitchen, your bathroom should be a calmer space. Try to avoid anything bright or extreme in this room. Think soft, relaxing colors that will flatter your skin tone. Bathrooms are relatively small rooms, and a bright, bold hue can be jarring. You can’t go wrong with classic colors like ivory, pale blue, or rose. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, a yellow-toned cream or lemon is a great choice. If you like to incorporate bold colors, try bright blue accents. In a bathroom, don’t forget to paint the ceiling – it can make all the difference. 


Your bedroom should be a warm, cozy place, and it’s a great place to experiment with saturated colors. Did you know that people get more sleep in a blue room? Blue reminds us of the sky and the sea, and it’s incredibly relaxing. While navy would be a bad choice for your kitchen, it’s a great, bold bedroom paint color. If you’re not a fan of blue, try gray-green or caramel. Since the goal is cozy color, try to avoid cool, grey-tinted colors, like a cool brown. Think: warm, caramel, honey, and chocolate.

Living Room

The living room is one of the rooms you spend the most time in, and it’s also where you welcome guests. Red and maroon are great choices for a bold living room. It’s lively and stimulating. It looks great with warm lighting, jewel-tones rugs, and wood furniture. 

You can do just about anything in your living room, and if you want a neutral, inviting space where you can show off your art, curtains, and furniture, a classic white is a great choice. That being said, there are a million different types of white! Think about the other colors in your room, and choose a white with undertones that complement it. For example, a white with gray undertones mixes well with gray accents in your room. A good off-white can help your room look brighter, while still providing depth and interest. It can also be incredibly beautiful as the lighting and tones change throughout the day.

Home Office

Orange is a great choice for a home office, as it adds a warm, inviting feeling. It’s also a motivational color, so if you’re working from home and having a hard time getting motivated, orange can help! Just don’t pick something too bold and saturated, as it can be oppressive and distracting. If painting a whole room orange seems like a little much for you, try a single orange accent wall. If you feel motivated enough and would prefer a more calming color, try cool tones, like light blues or greens. A single navy accent wall can be stunning, especially in a multi-use room where you’re trying to color-block a workstation.

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