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June 11, 2013

It’s time for another edition of “Mailbox!”. I’m totally loving the feedback and new questions being asked. Please continue! Let me touch on a few of the more colorful messages I’ve received.

Hi Dan. I was totally wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting a photo of yourself so we can see you. As a member of the gay community, I am totally in favor of businesses that are gay friendly. Would you consider changing the color on your logo brush to a rainbow to promote gay relations? Perhaps for just a bit? Thanks.

Response: Wow. Ok, first, let me say that I hope to paint homes and businesses for people regardless of their sexual orientation. Let me take that back because there’s necrophilia and beast stuff and…let me stop right there before this gets out of hand. The bottom line is we are a painting company and we do not promote any particular race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc. If we were to even start by changing our logo to a rainbow for gay pride week, we would have to make it green for St. Patrick’s Day, pink for Valentines’ Day, put a turkey with a paint brush in its mouth during Thanksgiving, et.al. You know, the more and more I think of this, the more my creative juices are flowing here from a marketing angle. Hmmm. Let me nip it in the bud with a simple “no” and stand by my original premise: we’re a painting company that wishes to serve all. Thanks.

D.J.s Painting,

I drive around a lot and see your trucks everywhere, but I never see your guys painting outside when it’s raining. Is that just coincidence or do you get lucky and constantly get outside jobs when it’s sunny?

Response: Rain is kryptonite for an outside painting job. Trust me, you won’t see us slapping coats of exterior paint on an establishment during storms. We pay close attention to weather reports and have a solid combination of interior and exterior jobs to do, oftentimes on the same property, so it’s usually not a problem to work around Mother Nature.

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