1. Handling Your Paint Choices and Interior Painting For Your Business

    If you’ve started a new business, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what you’re going to sell. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling insurance, hot dogs, or clothing; you have to know your product inside and out. You've probably also spent quite a bit of time deciding on the location for your business. Do you require a lot of foot traffic outside your storefront windo…Read More

  2. Why Your Should Hire Commercial Painting Contractors For Your Apartment Complex

    If you own or manage an apartment complex, you know just how important appearance can be to keep people interested. After all, an apartment isn’t like a home, which might be sold once every 20 years. Apartments are always on the market, and you need to get and keep tenants. DJ’s Painting understands why it’s so important to get the best exterior painting available. Here’s what you’ll ge…Read More

  3. New Jersey Multi Family & High Rise Painting and Waterproofing

    NJ has the same Extreme heat and humidity as Florida, yet we get the same extreme cold as Canada. These extremes cause the exterior surfaces to expand and contract more drastically than many other areas of the country is important in the painting industry. As a result of this additional movement, many of the commercial buildings in New Jersey have areas that are venerable to water penetration. Aft…Read More

  4. Commercial Painting New Jersey: 30 Years of Commercial Painting and Waterproofing

    I have learned a lot over my 30 years as a commercial painting contractor. The things I would like to share pertain specifically to painting and waterproofing work in the state of New Jersey especially along the South Jersey Shore. Helping People with Commercial Painting From Weather Damage As I’m sure many people know after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 the New Jersey coastline is very susceptible t…Read More

  5. Why Commercial Painting Contractors Can Attract Customers in Washington Township

      Whether your business is completely new or you’re going through a remodel, the look of it inside and out affects how your customers will respond to it. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right commercial painting contractors who can inspire customers to visit your store. Invite Customers In One thing that the best commercial painting does is to create an inviting entrance for your c…Read More

  6. 3 Things You Should Look For In Commercial Painting In Hammonton

    When it comes to commercial painting, hiring the wrong commercial painter just isn’t an option. Whether your workplace welcomes customers or not, you need to be able to use your space to work. This is true of lawyer’s offices, industrial buildings, and restaurants. If you can’t get your work done, you can’t make money. That’s why you need to vet your commercial painting contractors and m…Read More

  7. The Advantages You’ll Get With Professional Floor Coatings

    Here at DJ’s Painting, we can handle any paint job you send our way, whether it’s residential house painting or commercial painting of a large building. But it’s not just the horizontal surfaces we specialize in; we’re also experts at professionally-installed floor coatings that are used in just about every industry you can imagine. Here are a few reasons you might want to invest in floor …Read More

  8. 3 Great Advantages to Having Garage Floor Coatings Applied

    Not everyone spends a lot of time in the garage. Some people just pull in and stare at their phone until they get inside and the garage door goes down. They barely realize that they have a garage. But if you spend any time in the garage, whether it’s at the workbench, working on cars, or organizing your lawn tools, garage floor coatings can go a long way to making it a much more pleasant experie…Read More

  9. Why Go With A Company That Has Experience In Commercial Painting?

      When you’re looking for painters in the Millville and Vineland, you’ve got a few choices. But if you’re looking for someone who can handle the demands of a commercial painting job for your restaurant or business, no matter how big or small, you need to contact professional painters who have extensive experience in the trade. When you’re considering painting your business, whether it’s…Read More

  10. Waterproofing! Avoid water damage and mold.

    Importance of Waterproofing Vineland   No one ever likes getting water damage on any item, but imagine your whole basement flooding! Things get ruined, walls get wet and even if it holds together and dries, it starts to smell, and in the long run it’s money going down the drain. Even if you don’t have drywall up, why would you risk water getting in or damp walls growing mold? A great way you …Read More