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5 Great Uses For Glow-In-The-Dark Floor Coatings

February 2, 2017

We’ve talked about the most common jobs we have as painting contractors here in the Vineland area. We’ve told you about our interior painting jobs and how color affects you psychologically. We’ve also told you about some of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re taking care of their own house painting.

While we spend most of our time as painters, we’re also experts at floor coating and waterproofing. And one of the most interesting floor coatings we deal with is glow-in-the-dark. At first the idea might seem weird, but give it some thought and there are quite a few applications. Let’s take a look at how homes and businesses can use glow-in-the-dark floor coatings.

Garage Floor Painting

When most people think of garage floor painting, they think about the epoxies that we can apply that make the garage floor smoother and much less likely to absorb oils than traditional concrete garage floors. While these are nice, why not have some fun and instead install glow-in-the-dark floor coatings? During the day it will look pretty normal, but by night it’s really going to stand out.

Is a glow-in-the-dark garage floor useful? Maybe a little to help you get around when the lights are off. Is it incredibly cool to open up your garage door and have your garage glowing green? Absolutely!


While not technically a floor, why not brighten up your backyard with a glow-in-the-dark walkway? We can infuse your walkway with glowing paint and then cover it so that it’s permanently affixed. Charge up the paint with you backyard lights and then turn them off to create an enchanting (and safe) place for you to walk around without the glare of traditional lighting.

Fun Centers

Fun centers make a great place for glow-in-the-dark floor coatings. Laser tag and mini-golf are two of the most popular clients who request glowing floors (to match the glowing balls and glowing walls and glowing ceilings). While glow-in-the-dark materials have been around for decades, they’re still novel enough to draw people in and entertain kids and adults alike.


While most parking garages and public access stairwells have lighted stairways, a power outage can drop anyone walking on these stairs them into darkness. Why not keep them safe by applying some glow-in-the-dark floor coatings so that they can keep moving when the lights are out?


When most people are building a house, they don’t think outside the box enough. Is there’s exposed concrete in the basement just waiting to be acid dyed and epoxied? Why not make that space at the wet bar glow? And don’t forget about playrooms. When your child has friends over to the basement playroom, wouldn’t it be incredible if they could turn off the lights and make their imaginary space adventures that much cooler?

When it comes to glow-in-the-dark floor coatings, the options are almost endless. Have some fun with the uncoated concrete in your life and create a space in which people will want to hang out, whether it’s residential or commercial. Contact JB’s Painting today for the best in glow-in-the-dark floor coatings!

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