If you’re started a new business, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what you’re going to sell. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling insurance, hot dogs, or clothing, you have to know your product inside and out. You probably also spent quite a bit of time deciding on the location for your business. Do you require a lot of foot traffic outside your storefront window, or will customers seek you out because they only need what you’re selling twice a year?

Either way, once your customers are inside you want them to make decisions that will benefit them and your business. That’s why it’s important to have the right colors for your business. DJ’s painting can help you find exactly what you’re looking for; here’s what we do.

swatches-fadeThe “Whatever Looks Good” Customer

Sometimes a new shop owner will come to us with almost no idea of what they’re looking for. They might come to us wanting simple white walls, but that’s not a color that makes customers want to act. We can help decide on a color that will entice your customers

The “Something Like This” Customer

Other times the business owner will come to us with a simple idea of what they’re looking for and ask for additional help. A shop that resells children’s clothing will need a different type of paint from your average restaurant, and we can find the right paint for both of them.

The “I Need Exactly This!” Customer

Some of our customers have been working with a design company for months in order to find the perfect combination of colors that will make their business stand out. Great! We can get those exact colors that will match everything else in your shop. And speaking of exact colors…

The Franchise

Nowhere are exact colors more important than if you have purchased a franchise. The home office that sold you the franchise rights requires exact matches on paint. If they come in and find the wrong color of paint, they could make you repaint the entire restaurant.

No matter which type of business owner you are, DJ’s Painting is there to provide the perfect commercial painting service. Contact us today!