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How Paint Color Affects You, Part 2: Red

January 30, 2017

In the first article in this series we discussed Baker-Miller Pink, a color that some studies show calms the mind as well as the body. People who sit in rooms with this color pink often become complacent, while their heart rate slows and their muscle strength weakens.

Of course, Baker Miller Pink is far from the only color than has been shown to have an effect on human mood and behavior. Sometimes we react to the color in a certain way because there’s a  direct correlation to something in the natural world, and other times culture steps in and tells us what to feel when we see it. More often than not, it’s a combination of the two.

This week we’re going to talk one of the most common colors we see on a daily basis, good ol’ red.

If You’re A Woman Looking To Date…

If you’re a women, you’re most likely to get attention if you’re wearing red. Red often stands out in a room, catching a mate’s eye. In a sea of less bright colors, red is the way to say “look at me!” (Interestingly enough, men are advised to wear blue, which is a more stable color.)

Red Increase The Heartbeat

It’s likely that red increases the heartbeat and release adrenaline so that we can be ready to fight. Blood is red, of course; whenever our ancestors saw it, it told them to be ready to defend ourselves, because that blood means that someone from our tribe might have been injured by enemies. It’s also the way that hunters track wounded animals, so when you’re food is slipping away it’s important that red grabs your attention. Similarly…

It’s the Color of Danger

Red has become the color of danger, for the very reason that it stands out and gets attention. What color is the Stop sign? What color is the Wrong Way sign? How about the Do Not Enter Sign? The top color on a stop light? Red, red, red, and red. Not only does it grab your attention, it also serves as a warning: ignore these sign and you might see your own blood!

Restaurants Love It

At DJ’s Painting, we perform expert restaurant painting, and the most common colors we use are red and yellow. Why? Red makes people more impulsive, and when you’re at a fast food restaurant red makes it that much easier to respond “yes” to the idea of super-sizing the fries or adding a milkshake to the order.

McDonald’s, Taco John’s, Wendy’s, In-N-Out Burger and many more all use red and yellow, and once you notice it you’ll be seeing it everywhere. (Check back in subsequent blogs to find out why yellow works so well with red.)

Red Is The Color of Love

Red roses, red hearts on valentines, red lipstick…our society has decided that red is the color of love and passion. There’s probably some connection between getting the heart going and the passionate feelings we associate with the color.

It Makes a Terrible Sleeping Aid

Take a look at sleeping pills and you’ll find out that it’s either blue or green. That’s because the color of a sleeping pill can have a psychological effect on how well it works. When two groups of people in a scientific study were given the same medicine, one with blue pills and one with red pills, the ones who got the blue pills fell asleep considerably faster.

Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More Often?

It’s age-old wisdom that you might want to avoid buying a red vehicle because you’re more likely to get pulled over. It kind of makes sense, but according the Snopes.com, a popular myth-debunking site, the numbers tell a different story. It turns out that red cars aren’t more likely to get pulled over for speeding.

Is red really that powerful? As it turns out, it absolutely is. Don’t underestimate what red can do to you and how it affects your shopping habits.

When it comes to interior painting a home, red is most often used as an accent color. While red can be warm and inviting, it can also cause people to be impulsive and aggressive, something you’re probably not going for in most rooms.

At DJ’s Painting, we’re more than happy to find the perfect colors for your home, and if it includes red, all the better! Contact us today!

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