1. DJ’s Painting can help your business look its best

    The cleanlisness of a building has a huge impact of how customers view the business in that building. If you had the choice between two restaurants, and one had dirty, faded paint while the other looked fresh and clean, which would you pick? Luckily if your building is lacking in the looks department, DJ’s Painting can help. We’ve been making our clients look better since 1986, your account ma…Read More

  2. Cleaning up a Dirty Building

    Does your building have dirt on the exterior walls? After big storms, like hurricane Irene, the exterior of buildings often need some attention. While a complete repaint is not usually required, power-washing and small touch ups make sure that you get the most life out of your exterior paint. DJ’s painting offers extended service contracts, in addition to our outstanding painting services, that …Read More

  3. Painting your QSR

    DJ’s Painting is the number one choice in North America when you need your quick service restaurant painted. No matter which franchise you own, DJ’s Painting has the proper approved colors for your project. Dj’s Painting has completed more that 50 Mc Donald’s projects. Not only have they painted the inside and outside but they have also power washed most of them. DJ’s Painting has finish…Read More

  4. Top of the pots: The latest bold and bright paint trends

    Painting Idea’s From Across the Pond! With a wet Bank Holiday forecast, it’s time to get decorating By Ruth Bloomfield Friday, 26 August 2011 As Bank Holiday traditions go, trailing to the local DIY store and loading up with emulsion and white spirit is as much a British tradition as queuing on an A-road near a seaside town or losing your friends at the Notting Hill Carnival. But giving your f…Read More

  5. Theres an App for that

    Home design right at hand Apps give homeowners and designers creative freedom When I started covering architecture and interior design back in the late 1990s, interviews with homeowners and designers about their projects inevitably turned to manila folders or three-ring binders thick with fabric swatches, torn-out magazine pages, measurements, calculations, paint chips and sketches. Today, that de…Read More

  6. Marrying the Best Kitchen Colors to Trendy Updates

    I’ve been fighting a bout of writer’s block today, trying to string together a compelling sentence to describe my sort of trendy, color driven, not entirely necessary, but definitely dreamy, kitchen update plans! Whew. Thanks to the future King and Queen of England, William and Kate, I’m feeling more confident with my word choice: marriage! Having dreamed up a design in which style meets pra…Read More

  7. Winning Colors for an Entrance Foyer

    If you own a television, chances are you’ve seen the Kohler faucet commercial, where a well-heeled client plunks a trendsetting faucet onto her architect’s desk and suggests: “Design a house around this.” It’s not as far fetched an idea as you might think. Let’s suppose the thing being plunked onto a desk was a paint color. What to do? Designers might identify any color that an entire …Read More

  8. Greens Are Good for You

    With spring making its 2011 debut, my mind’s on green. Not just any kind of green. But unmistakable kelly, lime, and sage greens. As Dorothy Draper once wrote, “Although Mother Nature hasn’t written a book, she is continually giving us visual proof of her know-how when it comes to color.” Green always hovers at the top of my personal color ranking system. I won’t, however, call it my fav…Read More

  9. Beginning At The Beginning

    Planning a whole house palette is somewhat of an art. Of course, I don’t know your level of expertise. And yet, there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of; neither novice nor expert will walk into a paint store, flash the dealer a smile and say: Surprise me! So we need to start somewhere, which is why I created what I call a process palette, a collection of the unchangeable colors I’m surrou…Read More

  10. Epox-Z Cool Roof Coating

    DJ’s painting can help save your business money through lowering your energy costs. One way we can do this is through the application of EPOX-Z NRG© cool roof coatings. EPOX-Z NRG© cool roof coatings is specifically developed to conserve energy by maintaining cooler interior temperatures, while reflecting sunlight. Having a reflective roof, not only helps your building’s energy costs, but wi…Read More