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4 Reasons You’ll Get A Better Job Hiring Painting Contractors

January 7, 2017

Don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction. You want a room painted and you think “I’ll just go ahead and do it myself.” Unfortunately, you’ve already forgotten just what a pain it was the last time you decided to paint…all that masking tape, the tarps on the floor, the spatter from the roller that ended up on the ceiling. Inevitably some paint gets somewhere you don’t want it, and unfortunately it often dries before you even notice it.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at the advantages you can get from hiring professional painting contractors. Advantages such as:


Jobs are always more complex than people think. Truck drivers have to be good at time management and have excellent spacial skills. Videographers have to understand so much more than their camera; lighting, sound, and working with those in front of the lens all come into play. We’re guessing that your job is much more complex than it sounds, too, no matter how simple it might seem to others.

Well, the same goes for painters. We have to know the best coating for the best room, how light will affect it, the right way to tape, the right way to remove the tape, and dozens of other tricks that make the difference between a good and a bad paint job. Proper training and experience are the only ways to make sure that everything looks great once we pack up and leave.


The problem with painting your own room is that there’s almost always something that’s forgotten. Maybe you thought you could reach the ceiling, but have since decided you need a pole. Perhaps the tape didn’t work out and now you need an edger. Many people will have a 10’ x 10’ tarp but a 12’ x 12’ room. Others think they’re good on paint brushes, only to realize that it’s hardened with old paint that would cause horrible streaks on the walls. If you’re in the middle of painting, chances are you’re always going to be missing one tool.

Not us! Trust us, as professional painters, we’re ready for anything. The farthest we’d ever have to go to get a tool is out to our truck at the curb.


When you paint your own room, do you know which roller nap will work best with the type of walls you have? How much thought have you put into which wall should be painted first? And taping…it’s a skill unto itself!

After years of working as paint contractors, DJ’s Painting has perfected painting techniques for rooms, exteriors, and so many other types of industrial painting and floor coatings. It’s that professional technique that’s the difference between a room that looks good and one that looks great!

Oh, and let’s not forget about time. We do this all day, every day. Because we’re always painting, we get incredibly efficient, all the while delivering expert painting services. A project that could take you all day might only take us a couple of hours. Plus, you’ll have your day to do whatever you want instead of cleaning paint brushes!

Our Reputation

It takes years to build a reputation as a painting company. We put our reputation and livelihoods on the line every time we lift a paintbrush, so we’re sure to do our best each and every time. While you might forgive yourself for mistakes on the wall, you’ll probably be a bit harder on a professional you paid.

The fact is, you get so many advantages when you hire a professional painter. The process will be faster, cleaner, and look better…and all it takes is a quick phone call. Contact DJ’s Painting and we’ll get that interior painting taken care of!

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