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Happy New Year! What Will You Need Painting Contractors For?

January 2, 2017

On behalf of DJ’s Painting, we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year. We had a productive 2016 with our house painting, garage floor coating, and industrial paint jobs, but we’re certainly not satisfied with stopping now. We’ll hire the best professional painters around to handle even more jobs in 2017.

With the new year comes the resolutions. The most common resolution, by far, is to lose weight and/or eat healthier. It’s soon followed by the desire to spend more time with family and friends.

Another big resolution people make around this time of year is to get organized. And when people get organized, they often make lists. By simply writing down this list of things to get done, they’re much more likely to follow through and accomplish their goals, so this is certainly one of the most doable New Year’s resolutions.

What does all of this have to do with contacting your local painter? Glad you asked.

Get the House Painted

Trust us, we understand procrastination. Not necessarily in our professional lives as painting contractors, but in our personal lives. As humans, sometimes we can procrastinate so much that the window of opportunity passes us by and we’re actually relieved that we don’t have to worry about that thing, despite the fact that we’ll have to deal with it again next year.

Take exterior house painting, for example. Over the years you’ve probably seen your neighbors have their houses painted, one by one, but you keep putting it off until September when you finally tell yourself “oh, it’s too cold to have the house painted now” (even though it’s not). And then the next year comes around and you make a list of new projects to get done…only to realize that “get house painted” is once again on the list. Why not make this the year that you get your house painted. When you do, your house will have more modern colors, match the neighborhood even better, and will probably sell faster if you have to move. Not only that, but you’ll have that off your list for at least five years!

Get Rid of Stuff

When people make that “get organized” resolution, they are most often thinking about the benefits of having everything in the right place. As they do this, they often get rid of stuff, and that’s a great thing if you intend to have some interior painting done. After all, having less stuff in a room means less stuff that has to be moved when the painting occurs, including fewer boxes that have to shoved into closets. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Freshen Your House

While January 1 is a pretty random date on which to start a year, it stands as an excellent time in which you can mentally “reset.” If you had a bad 2016, why not hire a local painter to come in and freshen things up? The changes that occur to your home can always serve as a reminder that you can also change. Keep checking things off that list!

Stay Upbeat

In some of our blogs we’ve written about how color can affect mood. If you’ve been living with white rooms for years, perhaps it’s time to paint with a color that will give you what you want in each room. Calming colors for bedrooms, brighter colors for rooms you want to be creative in, and colors like gray and purple for a home office that can encourage you to keep moving forward with your New Year’s resolution list!

DJ’s Painting is here to help you with any printing project you might want, or, in some cases, need to make your 2017 the best year possible. Contact us today!

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