1. Importance of Exterior Sealants

    Brick, and stone and other masonry products are some of the most common, and durable building materials that are used, but they also absorb water like sponges. Water absorption can lead to cracks and crumbling as well as leading to ugly exteriors, with white chalky salt deposits left from water entering and evaporating through the porous surface. Also if water is entering your exterior walls, it c…Read More

  2. Benefits of Elastomeric Vertical Coatings

    In addition to sealing your exterior masonry surfaces, using a Elastomeric coating can drastically improve a buildings appearance, while protecting vertical surfaces. Elastormeric coatings will remain intact over hairline cracks and offers excellent hiding properties, which means reduced costs since you will not need to replace your vertical surfaces. These coatings also protect against UV rays, m…Read More

  3. Benefits of Mascoat over traditional insulators

    Mascoat Insulation vs. Conventional Insulation Designed to reduce heat transfer while saving space and reducing conventional insulation maintenance, Mascoat coatings are a high-tech solution ideal for industrial, marine and transportation substrates. How do Mascoat products work? The answer lies in an understanding of heat transfer. When heat is generated, thermal dynamic heat transfer (TDHT) begi…Read More

  4. Choosing the right color

    It’s important to think about the mood you want to create in a room when choosing a paint color: calming, energizing, dramatic, or warm and welcoming. Certain colors directly impact the mood of a room: Red: causes a rise in blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, pulse rate, it is very stimulating Yellow: energizing, yet more likely to evoke anger and loss of tempers when used as the main color …Read More

  5. Store Cleanliness Plays an Important Role on Where Consumers Shop

    Store Cleanliness Plays an Important Role on Where Consumers Shop A recent study performed by M/A/R/C® Research and National In-Store found that 14% of consumers said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like, and 29% said they would only visit the store to pick up a few items they could not find elsewhere. Grocery and Drug stores should pay particular attention to…Read More

  6. Choosing a Commercial Painter

    A general house painting is different from commercial painting. Aesthetics affects the customers or employee views of a company whether it is a showroom, an office or other commercial establishments. Therefore proper attention should be considered and it includes the painting job. So it is better to hire someone with experience and have good knowledge about painting. At present shopping malls, res…Read More

  7. What do Industrial Painters do?

    Industrial painting contractors use a variety of methods to coat surfaces with paint. Unlike home decorators there are many more ways to lay down a layer of paint than just by applying it by brush or roller. In addition, the surfaces in industrial painting tend to require a lot more thorough preparation. Preparation is usually the key to proper long lasting paint applications. If the surfaces to b…Read More

  8. Hotel and Motel Painting

    DJ’s Painting has worked directly with almost every hotel chain franchiser to ensure every building is painted in colors and paints approved by the Corporate Office. Having completed hundreds of hotels and motels, DJ’s painting has developed a plan to minimize interruption to your normal business hours, while still completing the project on time and on budget. Whether you hotel only needs some…Read More

  9. Log Homes

    Caring for your log home can be difficult. Keeping the natural look of the home, while protecting it can also be a daunting task. Luckily our friends at Sikkens have developed a line of products specifically engineered not only to protect your log home, but also beautify it. DJ’s Painting has worked directly with Sikkens to learn the best practices of applying these protective coatings, and can …Read More

  10. Creating a New Room

    Lucianna Samu I’ve had the privilege to work at some of the best addresses in Manhattan. From The Dakota to the teeniest apartments in Tudor City, New Yorkers adhere to a singular space-planning theme: every alcove, niche, sliver or slice is put to good use and deemed “a room.” While part of the charm of my old house is its nooks and crannies, my space planning philosophy remains entirely 21…Read More