1. 5 tips to save THOUSANDS and countless hours on your upcoming paint project!

    Have your sites surveyed and photographed by a professional painting company so there is a total understanding of the details and condition of each and every site. Also have the sites photographed will help to make sure any areas of concern are properly addressed. Get a fully detailed quote that is site specific or have all potentials variables accounted for in the scope of work. This will help to…Read More

  2. Three mistakes Facility Managers make that cost them Thousands!

    Not having a site survey or the paint manufacturer involved with writing the specifications and warranty. Having an incorrectly written scope of work could lead to paint failure, poor coverage, or a major change order that could cost you both time and money. Without the manufacturer keeping consistent colors and sheen in the future as well as holding up the warranty will be nearly impossible. Gett…Read More

  3. Procrastination can cost BIG MONEY

    In the current economic climate, there are many companies holding off on painting projects. The belief of remaining conservative with one’s budget since our economic future is still a bit uncertain seems wise on the surface. It is not like the building’s roof is falling off, right? Not moving forward with a painting project because it is viewed only as cosmetic fix is a big mistake. If you wan…Read More

  4. Paint gets you more impact for your dollar

    It would be safe to say that just about everyone in the facilities management field knows that one of the fastest ways to make a quick visual impact to your facility is to change the color or repaint the site. This completely changes the look and feel of the site with a very small expense compared to a remodel or major renovation. Here are a few ways you can implement a low cost paint program to g…Read More

  5. GreenSure

    DJ’s Painting is conscious of the environmental impact of the products used in our industry, which is why we are happy to use Sherwin-Williams GreenSure products whenever possible. To read more about these products please visit Sherwin-Williams Green Sure Products page, or you can read a small snippet from their website below: We believe the optimal green coating should do two things: minimize t…Read More