Why Are We The Experts?

Want a free estimate from a local painting contractor who will handle you entire painting project?  We will write a detailed scope of work to be completed, but remember that we also can handle any waterproofing and the replacement of any rotted wood that may be needed. That is what you will get from the experts at DJ’s Painting. Our team will make you comfortable from start to finish. Your Stone Harbor home painting project will be handled by experienced painters that know exactly what to do. That’s what we have been doing for over 30 years.   

We Will Go The Extra Mile

Our team knows how to spot the potential problem areas and they know how to address them properly. For example, on an exterior home paint project step 1 normally would be a pressure wash to make sure everything is clean and ready to accept paint. However, while scraping after the wash to prep for painting, the painters often spot some soft wood that is starting to rot. The painters will replace the wood with the same material so it’s a seamless process and the painting can continue. Many other painters will just fill the rotted section with a cheap filler that will fall out in a year or two. This kind of situation is especially common on beach houses at the Jersey Shore due to our harsh, wet winters.

Our Guarantee

We provide a 2 year warranty of every painting project and do not collect anything until the job is done and our clients are happy. Just one more way we go a step beyond to make sure we delight our clients!

Let us know when you’re ready for your next painting project.  

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