Pay To Paint Now Or Pay Much More Later

In our current uncertain economic situation, many people are being frugal with their money and resources. I completely agree that this is a great idea. After all, we have no way of knowing how this world-wide shutdown will all play out in the long run.  

Being frugal makes perfect sense when it comes to discretionary spending. However, when it comes to preventative painting and waterproofing maintenance that protects your home or business, I would argue that this is a non-discretionary expense. 

Saving a little money by delaying a painting project can cost you big in the long run. For instance, if the coating that is on the surface starts to fail, the cost to prepare for the next coat of paint can be as much as double the original cost. And furthermore, if the old caulk joints are left exposed too long they can start to leak. This makes it possible for mold to grow in the walls of your building or home. Many people do not know that wet wood is an open invitation for termites.

The cost to repair mold damage and termite damage is many multiples above the cost of a simple repaint.  

This is why I have urged my customers for 30+ years that timely, preventative painting and waterproofing maintenance is one of the best uses of your money.  Reach out to us today and get your free detailed estimate! See what we can do to help you preserve your beautiful home or business facility. 

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