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March 10, 2011

It would be safe to say that just about everyone in the facilities management field knows that one of the fastest ways to make a quick visual impact to your facility is to change the color or repaint the site. This completely changes the look and feel of the site with a very small expense compared to a remodel or major renovation. Here are a few ways you can implement a low cost paint program to get a huge Bang for your Buck!! 1) Have your facility painted completely from top to bottom; it will look like a new building to the customers when they walk through the door. For even more impact change the colors. Even a slight change in the color can dramatically impact the look and feel of a building. Everyone likes a clean, well-kept facility! Don’t know if painting the whole facility is in the budget? Get a Free Estimate from DJ’s Painting! 2) Consider a high traffic painting project that would only address painting the areas of your stores that get scuffed up or worn on a regular basis. If the scope is limited to only painting the affected areas, it will keep the cost and down time to a minimum. 3) If you want to show the appearance that something has changed paint a few accent walls or consider one for each different area of the building. This is a very cost effective way to get noticed and get people to take a look to see what’s new! Above are a few ways to get some exposure due to the fact that painting is the most visual and cost effective tool at your disposal when it comes to making an impact on your facility to the public. Having a good paint program in place that will save you big money on future repairs can also be applied to the exterior. When it comes to exterior painting, it is only a few mils of paint that stand between your building and the wrath of Mother Nature! We all know what kind of damage she can do: rotten wood, rusted metal, cracked stucco, the list goes on and on…Most people don’t know all the details of every given industry. Who could know everything there is about all the trades that are required? It would be overwhelming; but one quick bit of technical information could save you thousands. Most paints currently used on the exterior construction, will weather away due to rain, UV rays, and other natural effects at a rate of 0.5 to 0.7 mils per year. That means that 70% of your coating is weathered away within the first 5 years of being applied. If not re-coated during that first 70% of wear the remaining paint loses its integrity and bond to the surface. So, when you do come back later and repaint it the top layers of paint are bonding to a partially bonded layer underneath, which will lead to failure down the road. A few suggestions to keep you ahead of these issues and know your paint cost for years to come: 1) Create a long term repaint program so your painting cycle is known and can be anticipated. 2) Look into getting long term warranties to cover you labor and materials for the entire length of the repaint cycle so you are always covered. 3) Consider negotiating long term pricing so you can accurately budget for the next painting cycle. It is easy to say that the way to save is to cut spending, but be careful to cut the right areas and in the right ways. One thing for sure is that when we come through the other side of this economic slowdown, we will all have better ways of managing programs and keeping budgets under control. These ideas have helped to save many customers thousands of dollars. Hopefully, they will help you as well! If you have any questions, or would like to find out what your next project will cost, just click here to get in contact with DJ’s Painting.

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