1. The Biggest Messes That Occur During Do-It-Yourself Interior Painting

    In our previous blog we touched on many reasons why you should consider a professional painter instead of taking the do-it-yourself route. After all, the job will get done faster, cleanup will be taken care of, and the final work will look so much better when you use someone who deals in paint every day. Many people paint their own rooms, only to create tiny problems that bother them every time th…Read More

  2. Happy New Year! What Will You Need Painting Contractors For?

    On behalf of DJ’s Painting, we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year. We had a productive 2016 with our house painting, garage floor coating, and industrial paint jobs, but we’re certainly not satisfied with stopping now. We’ll hire the best professional painters around to handle even more jobs in 2017. With the new year comes the resolutions. The most common resolution, by far, is to l…Read More

  3. 3 Things That Have To Be Considered When Choosing Interior Paint Colors

    When you’re forced to make a home repair, a trip to the hardware store can be drudgery. If you’re doing it yourself, you have to head to the store, pay for supplies, and then spend your Saturday afternoon trying to figure out how to fix your problem. On the other hand, choosing paint is usually a lot more fun! It’s easy to get excited about, because it’s something that you actually want to…Read More

  4. Commercial Painting New Jersey: 30 Years of Commercial Painting and Waterproofing

    I have learned a lot over my 30 years as a commercial painting contractor. The things I would like to share pertain specifically to painting and waterproofing work in the state of New Jersey especially along the South Jersey Shore. Helping People with Commercial Painting From Weather Damage As I’m sure many people know after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 the New Jersey coastline is very susceptible t…Read More

  5. Why You Should Hire Professional Interior Painters in Vineland Instead Of Doing It Yourself

    Whenever it comes to doing something around the house, there’s always that question about who should fix it. We all have different levels of comfort when it comes to handyman and handywoman projects: sometimes we do it ourselves, sometimes we go professional.The sink is clogged? Plunge it yourself. The sink, shower, and toilet are clogged? Call someone for professional sewer cleaning. Interior p…Read More

  6. Jobs Your Vineland Painters Do (That You Never Even Think About)

    In our last blog we were discussing how important it is to find the right house painters when you’re looking for painters in Vineland. For most people, hiring someone to paint their house, whether on the interior or exterior, is the only direct interaction they’ll have with painting contractors. But when you start looking at the amount of buildings around you that require paint, you start to r…Read More

  7. What Should You Look For In House Painting In Vineland

    DJ’s Painting is well-known for being the go-to Commercial painter in and around Vineland, handling the Painting, Sandblasting, and Drywall repair of the buildings that you pass by or shop in on a daily basis. We’re also dedicated to providing top-notch residential home painting services, whether you need interior or exterior house painting services. When you’re looking for a house painter i…Read More