Many buildings in NJ are made of steel panels. These steel panels are exposed to the elements and while the manufacture of the panels state they are lifetime or 50 year panels, the truth is most need repainting in 10-15 years. Especially in the salty air at the Jersey shore. The Harsh UV rays from the sun age the coating. The temperature fluctuations cause the metal to expand and contract at a high rate. This makes the bond between the metal and the finish weaker & weaker by the season. Many people let their metal building weather until they start to see rust. They figure they are stretching their funds and will just paint it when it starts to fail. This is the worst thing you can do, here is why. If the coating is allowed to weather until it fails, there will be some rusted areas that need addressed. There will be extra cost for the added prep of those rusted spots. More importantly, the rest of the areas that are coated have been left go so long the coating is slightly compromised allowing for potential top coats to fail later when the base coat comes unbounded from the metal. If the building is painted sooner, rather than later, it will keep the base coat bonded properly to the metal.  

What System Should I Use?

When a metal building gets painted for the first time we recommend either a phenolic alkyd universal metal primer or a 2 part epoxy primer. This depends on the situation. These can be top coated with a variety of suitable paints depending on the budget. The costlier systems last longer, but even the least expensive will hold up well for 7-10 years. However, if the prep and priming is done wrong or the wrong system is used any system will fail in 1-2 years  

Don’t Forget the Roof!!

Many NJ people don’t think about painting the roof on the metal building. I think its because the roof may not be seen very well from the ground.  But the roof is hit with more direct UV rays and hard pounding rain as well as debris, hail and much more. It’s probably even more important than painting the metal walls or metal trim. Keep in mind this year when your planning to paint your steel building that the roof needs love too.