History Behind Vinyl Siding Paining

Painting Vinyl siding is done all the time and can hold up for decades if done properly. Vinyl siding showed up in the building industry in the 50s, that’s right – the 1950’s. Not too many people realize it has been around that long, but it has. However, it did not become popular until the late 70s and 80s. Why was this? The science of making “good durable” plastic needed a few more decades to get it right. Even today, however, vinyl siding gets brittle in extreme cold weather. Vinyl siding is sold as a lifetime product and this is basically true, however, it does oxidize and get a little chalky. This is when a good wash is required to remove the oxidization. If the pressure wash is not done correctly, the siding could be streaked or damaged.

Warped Siding

Streaked Siding

Choosing A Proper Color

Now let’s say you are tired of the old color or you just bought a home that has vinyl siding and it is a color that just will not do. Can you paint the vinyl siding? YES, BUT make sure you paint it with a color that reflects enough of the sun’s UV light. Otherwise, the siding can get too hot resulting in
warping which looks like the siding melted.  The next question is often how can I tell if a color is going to reflect enough light or be safe for my vinyl siding? The short answer is you do not have to guess! Sherwin Williams took the guess work out of choosing a suitable paint color for you by providing this page of VINYL SAFE COLORS on their website and in their stores.
When we paint homes with vinyl siding, we first wash the siding to remove the oxidation “chalky residue.” Then, we wash off all areas not to be painted and apply Sherwin Williams Duration or Superpaint using one of the vinyl safe colors and watch the client smile!!
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