Sea Isle City, NJ

Charles Landis- founder of Sea Isle City, NJ and Vineland, NJ

I recently learned that the founder of  Sea Isle City, NJ, Charles Landis, was also the founder of Vineland, New Jersey. Vineland, NJ is actually my hometown. We have been known as the best painting service in Sea Isle City, NJ and Vineland, NJ since 1986! Not many people realize that the Sea Isle City population is around 2000, but swells over 42,000 in the summer. This makes it very important for painting contractors like us to get into our work as early as possible so that all those rental units can remain full. 

Painting at the Jersey Shore

Beach house property exterior painting

Beach house exterior porch painting

Jersey shore house painting

Extreme weather conditions make it much more important to protect and preserve your valuable beach property. The Jersey Shore is known to really take a beating from nor’easter’s, extreme sun, salt air, and other weather conditions. That’s not to mention the extremes that the interior of your beach house face. Both the exterior and interior of your beach house are affected by extreme temperature variation. This causes a lot of additional cracking in areas such as walls, ceiling, and concrete surfaces. Salt air primarily affects the exterior of a beach house by making everything rust and deteriorate prematurely. We bet you did not realize it also poses a problem for items inside as well!

What Can We Do?

Solid stain applied to a residential deck

Painting of stucco siding

Interior drywall repair – NJ

Exterior beach front property painting

We have been repairing and addressing these extreme weather conditions in the Sea Isle City area, as well as all over South Jersey, since 1986. Our expert team of painters will repair your drywall, remove your popcorn ceilings, stain your trim, replace your rotted wood, repair your EIFS or Stucco, and of course paint and waterproof your entire house inside and out!

Professional Painters

Expert painter edging in South Jersey

Newly installed and stained wood wall in South Jersey

Painter painting interior window frames – NJ

Carpenter fabricating custom trim work and doors – NJ

Professional painter painting concrete porch with acrylic paint – NJ

Could you go wrong when choosing a painter? Yes, you can. Many think that they qualify as “professional painters” if they know how to slap some paint on a wall. As you have seen, DJ’s Painting is the true definition of a professional painter, and so much more!

We provide a 2 year warranty of every painting project and do not collect anything until the job is done and our clients are happy. Just one more way we go a step beyond to make sure we delight our clients!


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