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Painting Vinyl Siding

History Behind Vinyl Siding Painting

Painting Vinyl siding is done all the time and can hold up for decades if done properly. Vinyl siding showed up in the building industry in the 50s, that's right - the 1950's. Not too many people realize it has been around that long, but it has. However, it did not become popular until the late 70s and 80s. Why was this? The science of making "good durable" plastic needed a few more decades to get it right. Even today, however, vinyl siding gets brittle in extreme cold weather. Vinyl siding is sold as a lifetime product and this is basically true, however, it does oxidize and get a little chalky. This is when a good wash is required to remove the oxidization.
There are two factors that must be considered, especially when taking on a vinyl siding painting project.
  • Pressure Washing
  • Color Selection

It is important to pressure wash the siding well and insure there is not chaulky resisdue on the siding before it gets painted.  Any residue that is painted over will cause failure at some point in the future.

Color selection is another big factor that can lead to a horrible outcome.  If the LVR or light reflective value is 55% or higher it will not warp the siding.  Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore both have 'Vinyl Safe" color charts to make the color selection process a little easier.

With all that said if you dont like the color of your vinyl siding you can 100% change it to any of the hunderds of vinyl safe colors offered. and dont forget to hire a painting company like DJ's Painting to make sure the project is done right the first time!

Warped Siding

Streaked Siding

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