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What You Want Commercial Painters To Do For Your Customers

October 17, 2017

Without your customers, your business is nothing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fast-food restaurant welcoming repeat customers or an insurance agent who only sees customers once a year, because without customers your business just doesn’t exist. And no matter how often your customers actually come to see you, you still want them to feel welcome when they approach your building. That means keeping your business looking nice with the help of a commercial painting contractor.

When you’re looking for a painter to take care of your business, you could just type in “local painters.” But doing so will often only find you painters who are accustomed to doing interior and exterior of houses, which is considerably different from working on commercial properties. That might sound like a strange notion at first, but here are some good reasons you should consider working with commercial painters instead of just anyone.

We’ll Make Them Feel Safe

You don’t want customers avoiding your store just because there’s a paint job in progress. If there’s scaffolding directly over a shop’s door, people simply aren’t going to want to take the risk of something falling on their head, which means they’ll come back later (or not). Painting exteriors at the right time so as to avoid as many customers as possible is a top priority.

We’ll Stay Out Of Your Customers’ Way

There’s an art to staying out of your customers’ way, and it comes down to a lot of planning. We know your customers don’t want to be inconvenienced, because if getting into a store looks like it’s going to be too much trouble, they’ll just head down the road to the next-best option.

Painting an entire store, whether inside or outside, is a big deal. We certainly can’t say that there won’t be some disruptions to the way that your daily business goes on, but we can tell you that, with proper planning, we can minimize customer interactions.

We’ll Give Them a Place to Walk

When customers visit, they don’t want uncertainty. They want to know where they’re welcome, even in the middle of a remodel. But if there’s painting going on over the doorway, or in their favorite aisle, they need to know exactly where to walk so that that we’re not in their way.

Once again, it all comes down to planning. For exteriors, we’ll plan accordingly so that your entrance is still as open and inviting as possible. For interiors, we’ll always have a plan for how to get the job done as quickly as possible so that your guests aren’t inconvenienced.

That brings us to the best way that we can accommodate your customers…

We’ll Get the Job Done Quickly

There’s really no better way that a commercial painter can treat your customers properly than to get out of their way a quickly as possible! This is especially true with the interior of a building; while customers might forgive the painting occurring on the exterior, they’re less likely to forgive aisles that are blocked off when they’re looking for Q-tips or have limited seating options at a restaurant.

Again, planning is crucial. We’ll work with you so that we can get as much done as possible when you’re closed, or work around your least busy time of day. While it might make customers feel good that the space you give them is being revitalized, you certainly don’t want to inconvenience them any more than you have to. That means getting the job done quickly, and a professional painting contractor like DJ’s painting has the necessary crew to get work done efficiently.

We’ll Use The Right Paint

Most cheap interior paints that people use in their homes just smells too strong. While the smell might not be toxic, it often drives them out of bedrooms for a couple of days and then is still obvious a couple of weeks later.

That’s not really an option when it comes to commercial painting. Nobody really wants to smell the paint when they come into an office or retail establishment, and fresh paint fumes can completely turn anyone off from eating at a restaurant. That’s why it’s so important to go with a commercial painting contractor who can help you choose a paint that won’t make customers want to leave as soon as they’re entered your business.

When it comes to interior and exterior commercial painting, no one in New Jersey is ready to show respect to your building and your customers like DJ’s Painting. Let’s get the conversation started regarding your next paint job!



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