1. Parking Garage Painting 101

      Concrete Structures Overview Most parking structures are mainly concrete. Concrete is a “hard sponge.” Along with the steel reinforcements inside the concrete slabs, concrete is a seemingly indestructible building material. This is true until…  water, along with salts and other contaminates, permeate into the “hard sponge.” This water and other contaminates, act like kryptonite for t…Read More

  2. Parking Garages New Jersey – Painting & Water Proofing

    Painting parking garages are fun projects. Some commercial painting contractors are able to paint parking garage structures. But most do not realize some of the big issues that need addressed when painting concrete structures. Often overlooked by painters are the steel or other metal reinforcement imbedded into the giant concrete slabs, These reinforced slabs that make up the structure of just abo…Read More