Best Painters in South Jersey: DJ’s Painting

To say we are the best painters in South Jersey is a big statement. Why can we make this statement? It is true. Our team is made up of tried and true painting experts from a variety of local South Jersey towns. Each has their own experience painting homes and commercial properties for DJ’s Painting. Many have experience with other painting companies over the last 30 years as well.    

These painting experts that make up our team have vast experience painting condominium buildings. We have painted condominiums in places such as Avalon NJ, Ventnor NJ, Margate NJ, Vineland NJ, Wildwood NJ, Cape May to Brigantine NJ. Our team has skill and knows the area. Our experts are cross trained so everyone can do every job. This helps keep us on schedule so your projects are not delayed.  

Having such a great team of pro painters is also a blessing for me as the owner of DJ’s Painting. It is much easier to manage painters that are highly capable. They know what needs done and do it because they have been doing it for so long. We are working this year on training up some younger painters to start to fill in the ranks in the next decade as our team starts to get closer to retirement. It takes about 7-10 years for a painter to get enough knowledge and skill to run one of our painting crews.  

One last reason we are the best painters in South Jersey is our extremely low turnover rate.

    Most painting contractors have a high turnover rate changing out 90% of their painters every 2 years. Not us… our painters stay. We take very good care of them and treat them with respect, give them a lot of freedom and flexibility to do what needs to be done. With that comes a lot of reasonability as well but they seem to like it and in fact thrive on it. We will keep doing what we do so South Jersey can continue to be the home of the best painters around.