Lucianna Samu

I’ve had the privilege to work at some of the best addresses in Manhattan. From The Dakota to the teeniest apartments in Tudor City, New Yorkers adhere to a singular space-planning theme: every alcove, niche, sliver or slice is put to good use and deemed “a room.” While part of the charm of my old house is its nooks and crannies, my space planning philosophy remains entirely 21st century–if I’m heating it, I’m using it!

So, while the painters are busying themselves in the entry foyer, I’m re-working 100+ sq ft of emptiness in the middle of the house. Leaving what is best described as a center hall empty irritates my green-living sensibilities. So the question is–how can a hall be made to act like a room? Well, some walls would probably help. Here’s the space on my floor plan:
The top of the custom built-in hutch conceals the rise of the staircase, which travels clear through the top of it. I antiqued the nearly black Narragansett Green HC 157 with black glaze and finished with a brown paste wax to knock back its newness, making the piece appear logical where it stands, or so I like to think.
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