I have been running a painting company for over 30 years of my life. The most valuable lesson I have learned over the 30 plus years of owning and operating my painting company is to service our clients properly. I have learned which questions they need answered even when they don’t know what to ask. The way I see it, I am the painting expert. It is my job to make sure the client has all the facts and a complete understanding of what I see that needs to be completed. If they choose to cut corners or do only part of the project, at least I can sleep at night knowing I brought everything to their attention.


I make sure the painters on our team are experts and continue to provide this kind of “step above” service once they get on sight and start the painting project. For instance, when the guys start a project, they take before and after pictures to make sure things go back where they are supposed to go. We vacuum under the furniture before putting things back in place. If we see rotten or damaged areas, our painters will bring these items to the attention of the clients and offer to fix them whenever possible. This kind of deep rooted sense of duty and attention to detail is why we have such a long history. We are a NJ based painting company and will continue to delight our clients for many years to come.